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SOFTSWISS’ First Prime Network Jackpot Strikes Close to €245K

The highly-anticipated Prime Network Jackpot originally launched by the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator last October was claimed on February 7

The lucky winner of SOFTSWISS’ Prime Network Jackpot has scooped up a prize of €244,742.34 ($263.717,21) in a game designed by BGaming.

Casino operators part of the Prime Network Jackpot campaign collectively set up shared prize pools driven by players. This means the winnings are paid from these shared prize pools and not by individual operators. 

As a result, operators can boost player loyalty and engagement by showcasing more potentially lucrative rewards. At the same time, they can streamline their costs more effectively.

€1 Minimum Bet with Zero Added Fees

During the campaign that took place between October 2023 and February 2024, players were able to join the online jackpot with an advantageous minimal bet set at €1, with no extra fees

In total, they wagered around €1 billion in bets in the mouth-watering prize pool. The very first draw of the Prime Network Jackpot was hosted by Fastpay Casino and helped a lucky gamer strike the big prize announced by SOFTSWISS. 

Fastpay Casino representatives called it “an honor and a stroke of fortune” to be able to host the inaugural draw of SOFTSWISS’ Prime Network Jackpot campaign, adding their casino was “privileged to be the first to celebrate a winner in this exciting campaign.”

The representative also mentioned the symbolism behind the win that occurred in Fastpay Bonanza, a game that has been exclusively created for them by BGaming. 

Typically, regular, non-network progressive jackpot winnings do go over the €30,000-€50,000 mark. 

“Gratifying” to See Players Embrace Fresh Initiatives

BGaming’s chief executive officer, Marina Ostrovtsova, also took the opportunity to comment on the news, calling it “gratifying to see players enthusiastically embracing fresh industry initiatives,” referring to the SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot campaign in particular. 

Ostrovtsova also expressed their joy to mark the pioneer winner in BGaming’s game that was specifically made for Fastpay Casino while thanking all involved partners and eagerly anticipating more similar campaigns from SOFTSWISS.

SOFTSWISS Preparing New Campaign 

As a result of the success of the first draw, the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator announced it was getting ready to launch a new Prime Network Jackpot campaign

SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator’s head, Aliaksei Douhin, stated they were “thrilled” that the highly-anticipated win occurred during the ICE event, which is the perfect time to reunite community members and let them share their insights. 

Douhin added that, following the success of their initial online campaign featuring a starting prize pool of €100,000, they would “immediately” launch a brand new campaign with a prize pool that will start at €300,000.

The Prime Network Jackpot campaign helped participating operators grow their key performance indicators compared to periods when non-network jackpot campaigns were running. Namely, they recorded a 7.76% rise in turnover, a 2.43% increase in total bets, and a 3.87% growth in deposits

These numbers prove the positive impact of the Prime Jackpot campaign on participating casinos, turning into a strategic tool that allows them to boost their business metrics and player engagement.

SOFTSWISS was recently named Platform Provider of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards EMEA, further strengthening its leading position in the region.

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