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SoftSwiss Advanced Security Saves Clients €10 million in 2020

SoftSwiss has managed to save its clients over €10 million in 2020, identifying threats and notifying clients on time.

SoftSwiss Brings Protection and Security for Clients

SoftSwiss has announced that its anti-fraud and security software has managed to save its clients a staggering €10 million over the course of 2020.

SoftSwiss is an online casino software solutions provider that aims to support and provide additional security for its clients. The company recently partnered up with JooSports – the first brand to use its innovative solutions.

The exceptional piece of software provides multiple levels of protection and security for casinos, including bonus abuse checks, blocking duplicate player accounts and investigations into potential collusion and abusive behavior from players. SoftSwiss’ solution also quickly identifies suspicious behavior patterns from players. This gives clients ample time to address each problem efficiently.

SoftSwiss B2C Head Vitali Matsukevich said that he was proud of the fraud-solutions team for managing to save clients such a substantial amount of money in 2020. He noted that the team carefully investigates all manners of potentially abusive behavior and combats fraud attempts to provide clients with the desired level of security.

Mr. Matsukevich said that the company’s anti-fraud team is currently working on more AI projects and solutions in cooperation with the Data Science and Platform Development units. Furthermore, he stressed that he expects increased efficiency and security for business operations for the company’s clients in the coming year.

The company will likely also see additional growth in 2020, given that it recently debuted in India, China, and South Korea.

Quick and Effective Response

SoftSwiss has stressed that its anti-fraud unit works in strict and dedicated accordance with the terms and conditions that clients operate with, as well as all licensing and regulatory requirements.

According to the software solutions provider, even its initial checks can identify potential abuse and exploitation. The company pointed to a particular event that quickly identified an abusive pattern of behavior from a player.

During a routine initial check, the team stumbled upon a suspicious account. The team quickly identified that it may not in fact a player, but rather a “drop”. The anti-fraud team requested verification from the account, including their Source of Funds. This kind of information is rarely asked of players and is thus rarely included in the standard package of false documents one can obtain on the black market.

 The account in question managed to provide the requested documentation on the following day, but the team quickly identified a suspicious inconsistency. The player’s native language did not match the language of their e-wallet – a sign that the player may in fact be a drop.

The team requested an additional round of verification – this time through a Skype call. During the call, it was revealed that the account owner was indeed a drop as the team had suspected from the start.

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