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SkyCity Entertainment Puts Jason Walbridge at the Helm

Walbridge was selected as the company’s new chief executive following an extensive international search

SkyCity Entertainment announced the official appointment of Jason Walbridge as the company’s new chief executive officer. The new hire will leverage over 20 years of experience to underpin the company’s growth amid regulatory trouble.

As announced by SkyCity, Walbridge boasts an impressive track record and is currently sitting on the boards of several noteworthy companies. In addition to becoming a board member of Kinectify in February, SkyCity’s new CEO is also a strategic advisor to Aristocrat Leisure and executive chairman of the National Entertainment Network, the largest amusement route operator in the USA.

He has also held positions at NYX Gaming, which was eventually acquired by Light & Wonder. Additionally, Walbridge has served Aristocrat Leisure for over 18 years, holding a variety of roles in New Zealand and America.

The CEO appointee’s earlier career also included senior roles within consulting, including with Ernst & Young.

According to SkyCity’s announcement, Walbridge was selected as the company’s new chief executive following an extensive international search. He is expected to step into the office in early July 2024, following his move back to New Zealand. Until then, Callum Mallet will continue serving as interim CEO.

Walbridge’s appointment as CEO is subject to the usual regulatory approvals.

Chair Cook Welcomed Walbridge on Board, Thanked Mallet for His Service

Julian Cook, SkyCity Entertainment’s board chairman, commented on the new appointment and expressed the company’s excitement to welcome Walbridge as CEO of the company. He added that the team is looking forward to the valuable contributions he is expected to make to the business.

Jason has extensive global experience in the land-based and online gaming industries, which will position him well to lead SkyCity through its next phases.

Julian Cook, board chair, SkyCity

Cook also used the opportunity to thank Mallet for his invaluable contributions as interim CEO.

Walbridge also commented on his new appointment, expressing his excitement about the opportunity to lead a company such as SkyCity.

It will be a privilege to lead SkyCity, and I am excited to be joining the business at this time as SkyCity looks to pursue the many opportunities ahead of it.

Jason Walbridge, CEO appointee, SkyCity

In the meantime, SkyCity continues to be embroiled in regulatory troubles in Australia and New Zealand because of AML failures.


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