January 18, 2022 3 min read


SkillOnNet Continues to Build LatAm Momentum with Ortiz Gaming

SkillOnNet further strengthens its presence in Latin America through a partnership with Ortiz Gaming. The content partnership focuses on the bingo segment, one of the specialties Ortiz Gaming brings to the table through this collaboration.

SkillOnNet Continues to Build up Its Library

SkillOnNet itself is an award-winning operator and online casino platform. Moving forward, Latin American casino consumers who opt for SkillOnNet products will have access to player-favorite titles such as Beach Bingo, Goal Mania, and Roma Bingo.

Ortiz Gaming has been able to build upon a variety of themes, gameplay mechanics, and other fulfilling elements of the bingo and iGaming experiences to provide sterling products that resonate with players in all regions.

Meanwhile, SkillOnNet has made sure to spare no effort in creating a fully optimized tailored offer for the Latin American markets, particularly Mexico, over the last months. Reception among players has been warm, and SkillOnNet has reached new audiences and established itself as a preferred choice for gamers in regional markets.

The most successful of all has been the launch of the PlayUZU brand. Commenting on the latest developments, SkillOnNet head of developments Jani Kontturi had this to add:

“We are making a big play in Latin America with our PlayUZU and BacanaPlay brands and this partnership with Ortiz Gaming forms part of wider efforts to localize our content offering for fast-growth markets such as Mexico.”

SkillOnNet head of developments Jani Kontturi

Kontturi acknowledges the popularity of the video bingo genre in Latin American markets and said that it was important for SkillOnNet to be seen as a conduit of such quality gaming titles. He also mentions that joining efforts with Ortiz Gaming is a great way to guarantee that players are satisfied while SkillOnNet continues to deliver on distinguished content.

Reaching New Audiences through SkillOnNet

Kontturi was joined by Ortiz Gaming president Alejandro Ortiz who acknowledged that SkillOnNet plays an important role, as it powers some of the most prominent iGaming brands in the regional market. He briefly explained the impact Ortiz has had on the industry as well:

“Our games have been designed to take player engagement to new highs and they have proved to be incredibly popular with players in LatAm markets such as Mexico, and we now look forward to seeing players at SkillOnNet brands enjoy the fun and thrilling experience they offer.”

Ortiz Gaming president Alejandro Ortiz

Latin America is a brave new frontier for iGaming operators who have been homing in on various markets across the region, with Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico proving some of the most worthwhile ones. However, there are others as Argentina is also speeding towards mass legalization, albeit some hurdles still have not been overcome.


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