SJM Resorts Selects Daisy Ho for Managing Director

SJM Holdings Limited’s subsidiary, SJM Resorts, announced a new senior leadership appointment.

Daisy Ho Is SJM Resorts’ New Managing Director

The company revealed on Wednesday that its Board of Directors appointed Ms. Daisy Ho Chiu Fung as managing director. The recent appointment complements Daisy Ho’s other key positions with SJM. Back in March 2019, she was elected to join the Board of Directors. What’s more, she also serves as an executive director of SJM Holdings Limited, SJM Resorts’ holding company. Daisy Ho first joined SJM Holdings Limited back in 2018 when she was appointed as chairman. Now, her most recent appointment as managing director at SJM Resorts was also approved by the chief executive of the Macau SAR.

SJM Resorts is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Ms. Daisy Ho Chiu Fung as the Managing Director of the Company,

reads a statement released by SJM Resorts

In her new position as a managing director, Daisy Ho will have expanded management rights. Additionally, she will be in charge of all formal business for SJM and officially represent the company. Her work duties will include collaborations and contracts with subsidiaries of the company, as well as the Macau SAR Government. 

With this appointment, Ms. Daisy Ho is granted expanded management rights and authorities,

added SJM Resorts

As a managing director, Daisy Ho will also be in charge of the day-to-day operations at SJM Resorts. She will oversee processes related to strategic objectives, establishing policies and investment plans, among other formal corporate duties. Last but not least, Daisy Ho will ensure SJM Resorts’ compliance with all relevant regulations and legal obligations.

The Leadership Appointment Complements a Recent Tender

The recent management appointment comes after only recently, SJM Resorts submitted a tender to the Macau government for a 10-year gaming concession contract starting from January 1 next year. At the time of the announcement, Daisy Ho commented by saying that the company is excited to participate in the tender. She added: “We are optimistic about Macau’s future, and we eagerly look forward to continuing to work closely with the Macau government in contributing to the prosperous and sustainable development of Macau.”

We are delighted to participate in the tender.

Daisy Ho, chairman at SJM Holdings Limited

To apply for the tender, the company increased its share capital back in August to MOP5 billion ($618 million) from MOP300 million. However, the increase was subject to approval. Once SJM was given green light, it applied for the new concession.

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