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SIS Builds on Its Manpower With Two New Directors

B2B content and betting industry services production provider Sports Information Services (SIS) had broadened its leadership by appointing two new people as non-executive directors. Their help will reinforce SIS’ journey on the US market. 

SIS Expands Its Leadership With Two New Directors

One of the new directors is the CEO of PlayUp USA sportsbook, Laila Mintas. Mintas is a hardened veteran in the gambling industry and boasts of over 15 years of experience on the field. Before rising to CEO of PlayUp, she had worked as Sportradar USA’s deputy president.

Mintas explained that she is excited to join SIS and is keen on helping the company put its 30 years of experience in the UK to good use by applying its principles to the US market. Mintas believes that SIS’s strong portfolio of products will play a crucial role in the company’s expansion.

The other new director is Giovanna D’Еsposito, the general manager of the South European branch of the popular mobility service Uber. D’Esposito has previously been in other positions of responsibility at other companies. Some of her past experience includes working as a managing director for Paddy Power Betfair and Sky Betting’s offices in Italy.

D’Esposito feels honored to join the SIS team, as well. She revealed that she can’t wait to start working with SIS’ chief executive, Richard Ames, and his team and work to “make further strides in international markets.”

Speaking of Ames, he welcomed the two new directors and is looking forward to working with them.

“Laila joins following the announcement of our US subsidiary, SIS Content Service Inc, and will be an invaluable support to the team there, whilst Giovanna provides a real boost in European online markets and beyond at a time when our international expansion continues apace,” Ames explained.

Expanding SIS Across All Markets

SIS chairman Simon Johnson welcomed the two new directors to the company. He is delighted to have D’Esposito and Mintas on board, and is sure that they will bring a fresh “breadth of experience and expertise,” which will help SIS to distinguish itself and boost its expansion ambitions.

“Along with the recent announcements of our investment in Racelab Global and the establishment of SIS Content Services Inc, the addition of two such highly skilled professionals to our board will help to drive the growth of SIS into the future,” Johnson announced.

The appointment of D’Esposito and Mintas comes at an important moment for SIS. Just a few days ago, the B2B company announced SIS Content Services, a subsidiary in the US. SIS is keen on benefitting from the large US market and is working to build a strong core of industry specialists.

D’Esposito’s talents and experience from working with other sportsbooks, as well as Mintas’ knowledge of the US market, will be a strong driving force for SIS’ expansion in the US and Europe. Other than them, the company recently appointed Michele Fischer, another industry veteran, as digital sales consultant of SIS Content Services.

The company will continue working on affirming itself in the US and the other regions it is operational in.


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