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Singaporean Police Bust Illegal Gambling Operations, Investigate Suspects

Illegal gambling has no place in Singaporean society. This is the stern reminder local police authorities issued to over 50 individuals who were arrested or are being investigated for their association with illegal gambling activities in the country. Authorities conducted a total of three raids between October 29 and November 21, resulting in several arrests and putting suspects under investigation.

A Series of Arrests and Investigation into Suspects 

The suspected culprits were aged between 37 and 82 and ran a variety of gambling activities, mostly related to unlicensed betting. The first raid targeted a venue in Noris Road and led to the arrest of 11 individuals, including the ring leaders. 

A second raid took place in Marsiling Road, and five people were arrested. Two of them were suspected as the organizers of the gambling operation. Police seized a total of $806 of gambling money, along with mobile phones and other gambling-related materials, such as poker cards. 

The third raid converged across several locations in Singapore, including New Market Street, Beach Road, Sago Lane, Bendemeer Road, and King George’s Avenue. The raid led to the police rounding up 40 suspected gamblers and 13 suspected organizers of sports betting activities. The suspected bookmakers are between the ages of 50 and 82. 

The police seized a total of $9,500 in illegal funds during the third raids, along with other gambling-related paraphernalia as officially stated by the police. The police are looking into various offenses relating to the Betting Act and Remote Gambling Act, as well as breaches of COVID-19 protocols for social distancing. 

Financial Penalties and Prison Time Threatens Suspects 

People who are found to have breached COVID-19 protocols face fines of $7,300 and up to six months in jail. Pretty much the same fines apply to those found to have breached gambling rules, with the fines for that offense starting at $3,700 and possible jail time of up to six months. 

For those offering to land their property as the basis of such operations, the fines would range from $3,700 to $37,000, and jail time can be anything up to three years. As to the organizers of gambling and sports betting activities, they face a fine between $14,680 and $146,000 and up to five years in prison. Bettors could get fined $3,700 and sent to jail for six months just for participating.

Penalties apply to remote gambling operations as well, as people who participate or are otherwise involved in interactive gambling are still subject to penalties and run the risk of being sentenced to serve a prison term. 


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