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Singapore to Crack Down on Illegal and Problem World Cup Gambling

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Social and Family Development in Singapore vowed on Thursday to step up their efforts and make sure that they limit the reach of illegal gambling and problem gambling during the World Cup which will be taking place from November 20 through December 18.

Authorities Ready to Crack Down on Illegal Gambling for World Cup 2022

The two ministries said that they will make sure that gambling activities are only allowed at licensed venues in Singapore, and that law enforcement will stay vigilant and act against any offenders:

The police take strong enforcement actions to prevent and deter persons from participating in or profiting from unlawful gambling activities.

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development

The police already works with various stakeholders to ensure that phone lines are disabled in cases when they are being used for unlawful betting activities. Authorities will not hesitate to block access to any illegal gambling website, the ministries added.

Furthermore, the police will make sure to discover the identities of any wrongdoers and seek to bring them to justice. The ministries also added that the Gambling Regulatory Authority in the country has already blocked 1,200 remote gambling websites, 250 bank accounts and more than S$33 million ($24 million) in payments linked to various gambling services.

MHA and MSF have added that the National Council on Problem Gambling and National Crime Prevention Council will also play a more active role during the upcoming World Cup event.

National Council on Problem Gambling to Step In

There will be various public awareness campaigns launched by both organizations which highlight the risks of placing bets with unlicensed gambling operators. National Council on Problem Gambling chairman Sim Gim Guan said:

We urge everyone to exercise personal responsibility and keep a look out for their family and friends who may be affected by problem gambling.

National Council on Problem Gambling chairman Sim Gim Guan

People who participate in unlawful gambling face stiff penalties. First offenses carry a penalty of S$500,000 and up to seven years in prison. Repeat offenders are then subject to S$700,000 fines and up to 10 years in prison.

These penalties apply exclusively to operators of illegal gambling products in Singapore. People who participate in illegal gambling websites could be imprisoned for a period of up to six months, fined S$10,000 or be issued both penalties at the same time.


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