August 17, 2022 3 min read


SharpLink Reinforces Team with DeLucia as CFO

SharpLink Gaming, an advanced sports betting technology pioneer, has reinforced its team with the experienced Robert DeLucia as its new chief financial officer. DeLucia will use his experience to help his new company grow.

DeLucia is an experienced finance leader and seasoned change agent. He has decades of experience in the realm of finance and has worked for various notable companies. Before joining SharpLink Gaming, the finance veteran had a short stint as interim chief financial officer of Neon Logistics.

Prior to that, he worked as chief accounting officer for GTT. During that time, he helped the company restructure its finance and assisted with the multi-billion sale of its fiber backbone division.

During 2020, DeLucia used to work as а controller for Eastern Airlines. Between October 2016 and September 2019, DeLucia had a tenure as the chief financial officer at Tarsus CFO Services LLC and Truss LLC.

During his career, DeLucia also worked for various other companies where he occupied different finance-related positions.

CEO Phythian Welcomes DeLucia on Board

Rob Phythian, co-founder and chief executive officer of SharpLink, welcomed DeLucia to the company. Phythian lauded the appointee as a “proven chief financial officer” and a skilled worker. The CEO also noted that the new CFO has a history of delivering great results. This, Phythian pointed out, is attested by DeLucia’s great performance at various companies.  

Phythian added that his team believes DeLucia to be exactly the person who SharpLink needs for the job. The CEO cited the new worker’s qualities as being exemplary and concluded he is happy to have him on board.

We believe he is a high-impact executive who brings us a compelling blend of strategic and capital management discipline, well-honed operating skills in high-growth environments; and deep expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, audit oversight and implementations, and SEC reporting and compliance.

Rob Phythian, CEO, SharpLink

A month ago, SharpLink added yet another veteran to its team. In July, the company named Tom Masterman as vice president of revenue. As such, Masterman was tasked with helping the company improve its profitability and building up SharpLink’s relationships with its partners and customers. Masterman will be working closely with CEO Phythian himself as both strive to open a new chapter for the company.

The two recent appointments show that SharpLink wants only the best of the best and is not willing to cut corners when appointing new members to its leadership team.


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