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Sharp App Seeks to Educate DFS Players and Sports Bettors

An all-in-one platform announced the official launch of its sports betting app in both Google Play and the App Store to offer multimedia content, tools and solutions aimed at educating and empowering fans of daily fantasy sports and sports bettors.

Education and Strategy for Bettors

Sharp, a product of the collaboration between Win Daily, a platform tailored towards daily fantasy sports (DFS) players, and DFS Army, a website offering strategy and advise related to DFS, combining years of industry experience to educate sports fans, is now officially available on both app stores.

In bringing together Win Daily and DFS Army, we bring decades of expertise that fuses the best sports betting content and experts with world-class proprietary technology that will continue to evolve and innovate as the industry grows and expands.”

Jason Mezrahi, Co-Founder and COO, Sharp

According to Sharp co-founder and CEO Kevin Epstein, a lot of people across America are still “on the sidelines” despite the huge explosion of sports betting, since they have no idea how to get involved and what strategy to implement.

Apps leveraging innovative technology focused on user education and self-management are already second nature to consumers looking to strengthen their personal financials or health and fitness regimen – sports betting should be no different. With Sharp, we’ve created the ultimate platform of tools and content that we wish we had when we started sports betting.”

Kevin Epstein, Co-Founder and CEO, Sharp

A successful proprietary high-frequency day trader himself, Kevin Epstein will certainly have much to offer sports bettors and DFS players regarding how to adopt and implement a successful trading strategy and stick to its rules with discipline.

Content on a Daily Basis

Initially, Sharp will offer content produced by its executives, sports betting expert John Alessia, founder and CEO of Win Daily Jason Mezrahi and founder of DFS Army Kevin Epstein, while additional sports betting experts will be introduced at a later stage.

Users can expect rich daily content across the spectrum of sports and intuitive tools to help provide historical perspective on personal bets and real-time statistics to help make the best decisions for the bettor.”

Jason Mezrahi, Co-Founder and COO, Sharp

The key feature of the app would be a multimedia master class titled the Sharp Academy that will teach a variety of skills related to the different aspects of sports betting, in which John Alessia will deliver podcasts, live streams and articles on a daily basis to provide participants with tips, advice and strategy. The class will be available for free for the first 1,000 downloads of the app.

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