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Sex Worker Allegedly Helps Robbers in Las Vegas

A young woman was arrested, facing multiple charges over her alleged involvement in a robbery of a tourist group in Sin City

Millions of visitors enjoy hospitality, gambling and leisure activities by visiting Las Vegas every year. But while many enjoy their visit without any hassle, not everyone’s visit to Sin City is the perfect holiday. This is precisely the case of a group of tourists who visited the gambling capital of the world but were robbed of their personal belongings and held at gunpoint by two ruthless thugs, who were allegedly aided by a sex worker.

Undoubtedly everyone has heard stories about how sex workers can rob their clients. But this recent criminal case was rather different as it involved a sex worker who visited a rental unit where a group of Las Vegas tourists were staying. Details regarding the criminal case were disclosed by KLAS on Wednesday. Reportedly, the incident dates back to November 25, 2023, when a group of four Spanish-speaking tourists visited Las Vegas.

The tourists checked into an unidentified rental unit in the city and enjoyed different activities. After visiting a nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip, the tourists exchanged numbers with a woman identified with the initials J.J. The 23-year-old woman exchanged her number with the group and agreed to visit them later on the same night at the property they were renting.

The Suspect Left Together with the Robbers

Once the sex worker arrived at the group’s rental unit, she seemed nervous. One of the victims of the robbery said that the young woman kept going in and out of the bathroom. While the police report doesn’t disclose whether or not J.J. had sex with any of the tourists, some 20 minutes after her arrival, two men barged into the rental unit, holding guns and threatening the group.

Ultimately, the robbers stole personal belongings from the four tourists, along with an undisclosed sum of cash. Surprisingly, the sex worker did not stay with the group but rather left together with the two robbers. Once she was questioned by law enforcement, the 23-year-old responded that she left together with the robbers because “she was scared.”

Considering the incident, Las Vegas Metro Police arrested the suspect earlier this month. The young woman was detained on charges including kidnapping, conspiracy kidnapping and robbery. As of Tuesday, the 23-year-old remains under custody and her bail is set at $100,000.


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