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Sevilla FC Names Khelraja Official Asian iGaming Partner

Khelraja, the leading Indian casino operator, announced a new partnership with Sevilla FC, the famous Spanish professional soccer club.

Khelraja Inks New Deal With Sevilla FC

As a result of the new collaboration, Khelraja was named the Official Asian iGaming partner of the leading La Liga team. The new deal meets the increasing popularity of La Liga in India. Under the terms of the recent deal, the duo agreed to collaborate through June 30, 2024. Thanks to the new deal, fans of Sevilla FC will have the option to engage with their favorite team. At the same time, sports fans will have the unique opportunity to win different awards via Khelraja. Besides offering unique experiences for Sevilla FC fans, the new collaboration expands the reach of La Liga, which is already significantly popular not only in India but around Southeast Asia too. 

The passion for football in India is on the rise, as can be seen in the growing popularity of overseas football leagues. Partnering with Sevilla FC, one of the biggest and most illustrious clubs in Spanish football, is a moment of great pride for us.

Viren Modi, CEO at Khelraja

Viren Modi, Khelraja’s CEO, revealed that there is a growing soccer fan base in India. He acknowledged that joining forces with one of the most popular Spanish soccer clubs, Sevilla FC, marks an exciting moment for the company. Modi revealed that the new collaboration will bring unique experiences for sports fans who will also have the chance of winning different rewards. In conclusion, Khelraja’s boss said that the company is looking forward to the success the new collaboration will bring and unveiled plans for further similar partnerships soon.

We are looking forward to the partnership and will be exploring more such engagement opportunities with other football clubs, both in India and overseas,

added Modi

Sevilla FC Has a Rich History

Founded back in 1905, Sevilla FC is currently the oldest soccer-dedicated club in Spain. In its rich history, the club has won the UEFA Europa League six times, the most out of any soccer club. Moreover, the club won one UEFA Super Cup in 2006 and to date is the most successful soccer club in Andalusia, holding a significant number of other titles as well.

We are very pleased to have signed this agreement which will allow us to continue growing in our process of internationalizing our brand, both globally and in Southeast Asia, a market that we consider strategic in our expansion process.

José Castro, president of Sevilla FC

José Castro, Sevilla FC’s president, revealed that the club is excited to team up with Khelraja. He outlined that the recent deal will help grow the club’s global presence and expand further into a key market such as Asia. Last but not least, Castro said that the expansion in the region marks an important step for the club and La Liga.


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