September 23, 2021 3 min read


Scout Gaming to Partner with Skylands Events and University Sports & Entertainment

Fantasy sports and betting provider Scout Gaming will be partnering with the Florida-based organization Skylands Events and University Sports & Entertainment to support its teams – the New Jersey Jackals and the Sussex County Miners. Through the agreement, Scout Gaming will use its fantasy sports platform to promote the two Frontier Baseball League franchises.

Delivering a Fun and Thrilling Experience to Baseball Fans

Scout Gaming’s chief executive officer, Andreas Ternström, spoke on the agreement and revealed that his company is thrilled to partner with Skylands and offer its products to Skylands’ teams. He reminded that daily fantasy sports and social sports betting are a tremendous opportunity for smaller franchises and leagues.

“Our products have been designed to deliver a fun and thrilling player experience that also takes engagement with the sport and the team to the next level. The Jackals and the Miners will be able to leverage this to unlock new and exciting revenue opportunities,” Ternström concluded.

Thanks to the new agreement, the New Jersey Jackals and the Sussex Country Miners will unlock a whole new world of fan engagement opportunities. Fervent fans of the teams will be able to enjoy Scout Gaming’s unique sports betting-like experience with their favorite players. Scout Gaming provides fantasy sports with betting options that don’t involve real money and rather focus on the social aspect of betting and the exciting thrill of guessing a game’s outcome.

The Engagement Potential of Fantasy Sports

Skylands Stadium’s vice president, Al Dorso, also spoke on the tremendous potential of providing fans with Scout Gaming’s betting solutions. “We understand the huge potential sports betting offers minor league teams when it comes to accessing new revenue streams and this deal with Scout Gaming will allow the Jackals and the Miners to do just that,” Dorso said.

Dorso believes that Scout Gaming’s Social Sportsbook is an “incredible product and offers a truly engaging wagering experience”. He also appreciates that fans can use the sportsbook without having to put any real money on the line, focusing purely on the community aspect of wagering.

Dorso is convinced that fans of the Jackals and the Miners will also find Scout Gaming’s offerings to be exciting and will find them as a way to become even more immersed in their favorite teams.

One of the main focuses of Scout Gaming’s sportsbook is exactly the Frontier Baseball League. The fantasy and sports betting provider aims to appeal to the niche that finds the idea of betting exciting but is reluctant to wager actual money. 


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