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Scottish Green Party MP Calls for End of Last Greyhound Racing Property

A Scottish Green member politician wants to shut down the country’s last active greyhound racing track over he argues is a patchy record for animal warfare

Fife member of Scottish parliament Mark Ruskell has urged fellow lawmakers to muster the support to close Thornton Greyhound Stadium in Fife, which is due to have its next round of races in January.

Ruskell cited a report by the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission (SAWC) which is due to appear before the Holyrood’s Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee in February next year. While Ruskell did say that he didn’t mean to show bias towards the establishment of the report, he stated flatly that the time to end “this cruel and exploitative activity” was banned once and for all.

Greyhound Racing Not the Most Pressing Issue on the Agenda

Ireland and the United Kingdom are also planning to pass similar moves against their own gambling industry. The report, which is still in the process of compiling in Scotland, should help lawmakers make evidence-based decisions. Overall, greyhound racing and even horseracing have been under attack all over the world, with concerns over animal welfare raised in most developed countries.

To enact any changes, lawmakers would need to find evidence that the country’s Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006 has been breached. The act protects both racing and retired greyhounds which should be kept in specific dignified conditions. A rebuke has already come from the Greyhound Board of Great Britain who said that it was strange that the Green party in Scotland would consider this a priority for 2023.

The organization added that greyhound welfare was evidently at the very heart of every licensed establishment and professional who worked in the industry. The Board further added:

We constantly strive to enhance our welfare standards, which is why this year we have launched a new long-term welfare strategy that has received considerable political and veterinary acclaim.

Greyhound Board of Great Britain

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain reminded that as a regulator, it’s committed to ensuring that everyone involved in the sport upholds the highest standards for care and attention to greyhounds.

Concerns About Animal Warfare Are Misguided Say Insiders

The Board further warned of a significant economic downturn and a welfare crisis for greyhounds affected by the ban and shutdown on any venue, forcing the animals to move into new homes that fail to meet the necessary standards.

“Hard-working families across Scotland who share our love of animals will wonder why the Scottish Greens believe the parliamentary time and economic cost of a ban are a priority for next year,” the Board concluded.

The track owner, Paul Brignal, described the allegations that his establishment may in any way endanger animal welfare as ludicrous and said that it was not true that the Thornton Greyhound Stadium in Fife led to cruelty.

He similarly rebuked a report by Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation which asserted that there have been 18,000 injured dogs and 3,000 deaths, reminding the people leveling these allegations that the establishments had 70 dogs in racing.


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