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Scientific Games’ Australian Lotteries IPO May Garnish as Much as $3B

American B2B gambling products and services provider Scientific Games is planning to go have its lottery business go public in Australia, which, according to professional industry analysts, can yield the company as much as $3 billion in USD.

Scientific Games’ Australian Lottery IPO is Likely Set for Success

The initial public offering operations are expected to go live very soon, even possibly within this week. Scientific Games hopes to raise a minimum of a million dollars from key investors who preferred staying anonymous for the time being.

Bloomberg specialists estimate that Scientific Games’ hypothetical initial public offering can skyrocket its business and place it among the highest-ranking businesses in the country.

Bloomberg News shared that based on Scientific Games statements to its potential investors, its instant games business has a 69% share of the $101 billion US market. Furthermore, the retail solutions and systems business of the B2B company occupy nearly one-third of the $184 billion market. Lastly, Scientific Games’ iLottery brands make up 13% of the $26 billion industry.

The B2B Company Might Seek Alternative Solutions

There is a slight possibility that Scientific Games may change its mind and prefer exploring other growth options other than going public. Spokespeople from the company are yet to make a statement on the matter.

The B2B company has previously spoken about a possible plan to expand its business through acquisitions, sales, and mergers. This seems to be one of Scientific Game’s preferred alternatives to going public. Within these lines, Scientific Games decided to trade its OpenBet sports betting brand to the American holding company Endeavor Group Holdings for $1.2 billion in both cash and stock.

2021 has been quite an eventful year for Scientific Games. The company has managed to score numerous partnerships and exciting deals across various regions. The B2B business has seen some significant expansion as well and has conquered more markets, both across its native US and beyond.

In September, Scientific Games unveiled a new production center in the United Kingdom in order to meet the high demands in the country. Again in Europe, the company was quick to establish a presence on the newly-launched Dutch market through a partnership with the Netherlands Lottery.

Scientific Games has also expanded its reach in the United States with various deals. The company recently signed a content deal with White Hat Gaming’s USA-oriented brand White Hat Studios. Several days after that, Scientific Games reinforced its deal with Golden Nugget Online Gaming and deployed the OpenBet tech in Virginia and New Jersey and the OpenGaming platform in New Virginia.


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