SBC to Launch Digital Series of Conferences and Showcases

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SBC has announced the launch of SBC Digital, a series of online events that will include conferences and product showcases related to key gaming markets, featuring executives’ talks on the industry’s challenges and opportunities all throughout 2021.

SBC is hosting the SBC Digital Series that will feature online round-tables bringing together industry experts with a shared interest in iGaming and betting markets around the world. Every event will also include showcases of innovative products created for regional markets.

The series features conference programs with executives who will share their ideas and insights regarding the opportunities and challenges in the gaming industry and how to take advantage of the current technological advancements in individual markets.

The SBC Digital 2021 program will continue successfully distributing the format of online conferences and exhibitions from 2020 but will also include CasinoBeats Slots Festival, where developers will be able to show their latest editions to hundreds of affiliates and operators.

The 2021 SBC Digital Events Series Schedule is as Follows:

  • SBC Digital India – January 27-28
  • CasinoBeats Slots Festival – February 4
  • SBC Digital Italy – February 17
  • SBC Digital Latin America – March 2-3
  • SBC Digital Africa – March 30-31
  • CasinoBeats Slots Festival – April 21
  • SBC Digital Payments – April 29
  • CasinoBeats Slots Festival –July 20
  • SBC Digital CIS – October 14
  • CasinoBeats Slots Festival – November 18
  • SBC Digital North America – December 2

SBC’s Digital Conferences Are Much Needed in This Day and Age

Along with SBC physical conferences, trade shows, and SBC Media, which includes both printed and online news, the SBC Digital events program, launching in 2021, will be the third service offered by the company that will connect people with knowledge and ideas in the gaming industry. People from the business will be able to share insights. Suppliers and affiliates from all over the world will gather together to talk business.

During the most difficult year for the industry, SBC Digital events proved to be an effective communication platform for people from the gaming markets.

There were 30,000 delegates from affiliates, regulators, operators, and suppliers that came together and used SBC’s media platform in 2020 to connect, share their insights, learn from each other and talk about the industry. SBC is determined to make it a tradition and continue the format next year as the events program has already been set.

SBC Digital Will Host CasinoBeats Slots Festival Every Quarter

In 2021 SBC Digital will host CasinoBeats Slots Festival every quarter. Gaming developers will be able to provide their new titles in a playable format and give casino operators and affiliates the chance to try them out.

Rasmus Sojmark, SBC CEO and Founder said that SBC Digital’s events are a great way for operators, affiliates, and suppliers to get together and discuss opportunities, without the hassle and expenses of travel.

He also stated that the forum will be a place where senior executives who have experience in the local markets will share their insights and exchange ideas with international operator representatives. It will be a place for suppliers to gain popularity in the regional markets and stakeholders to make new meaningful connections in the industry.

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