June 2, 2023 3 min read


SB22 Celebrates Launch of Groundbreaking K22 Kiosk

The innovative and convenient retail betting kiosk and technology offered by K22 can be used not only by sports betting but casino operators too

The betting and transactional platform provider that is globally recognized for its convenient solutions, SB22, confirmed the launch of a new groundbreaking K22 kiosk and retail sports betting solution. Announced Thursday, the new solution fuses innovation, convenience, security and low cost. The kiosk, deemed as “transformative” by SB22, is easy to use and extremely cost-effective. The K22 kiosk delivers efficiency and enables retail sports betting operators of any size to benefit from a plethora of functions.

The company explained that K22 has “beautiful and intuitive UX, extraordinary horsepower, and easy-to-use backend, all packaged in a user-friendly and extremely cost-effective turnkey solution for retail sports betting operators of all sizes.” SB22 pointed out that the new solution can fit the needs of seasoned sports bettors, as well as up-and-coming sports fans that are just getting started with betting.

The transformative betting kiosk is the company’s first stand-alone and self-service terminal. This means that in order to operate, it doesn’t require a sportsbook. The functionality K22 brings provides convenience for bettors that can use the kiosk to place a wager as easily as they do from their smartphone. At the same time, the solution features SB22’s BetLucky feature, a patent-pending option that helps with assisted parlay selection.

A Transformative Technology and Product from SB22

Vladimir Jovanovic, SB22’s COO, shared his excitement about the launch of the company’s latest retail wagering platform and kiosk. He praised K22’s functionality and convenience and pointed out that companies of all sizes can benefit from this innovative product. Finally, Jovanovic noted: “We call it the democratization of sports betting. But it’s so much more than that.”

This is transformative frankly. Now any company of any size in any location can offer a proper experience for its customers at a fraction of what it costs to deliver the inferior product that’s out there today.

Vladimir Jovanovic, COO at SB22

In addition to powering the business of sports betting companies, K22 can be used by casino operators as well. According to SB22, the solution can integrate with loyalty systems and CMS, while at the same time, providing complete options for Ticket in Ticket Out (TITO). The new K22 kiosk also has an integrated cash dispenser, making it even more attractive for casino operators.

Thanks to the unique capability it offers, the technology enables the standalone operation of the kiosk to locations different from the gaming floor, as long as a network connection is available. The device is also equipped with an AI camera that complements security, as well as risk management and AML policies.


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