RSI Launched RushArena, Introduced RushRace Slot Tournaments

Online gaming and sports entertainment company Rush Street Interactive (RSI) went the extra mile with its customers to offer them an innovative multi-player slot tournament platform and unique slots tournament experience.

Meeting Casino Players’ Demands

The operator of BetRivers, PlaySugarHouse and RushBet brands, RSI announced the launch of its proprietary multi-player tournament engine RushArena as part of its innovation efforts aimed at the online gaming space.

Enhancing the player experience remains our top business strategy.”

Richard Schwartz, CEO, RSI

Alongside the launch of its multi-player tournament platform that was built off RSI’s success with bingo games, RSI introduced RushRace, a unique slot tournament experience on the RushArena platform to allow online fans of slot games to expand their experience by competing over several game titles and create even more opportunities for them to win.

We listen to our customers, and by owning, building and innovating the framework, we can tailor our games to deliver what our casino players, or insights obtained from them, have told us they want.  We use these ground-breaking game mechanics to create new experiences, which is consistent with our goal to increase retention, loyalty, and business KPIs.”

Richard Schwartz, CEO, RSI

Always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to award players at its brands with more opportunities to win and earn rewards, RushArena not only follows the trajectory set by RSI’s Scratch Cards, Wheel Spins, instant animated awards and Bonus Store that allow players to choose their rewards but extends the company’s relationship with fans of casino games, letting them compete against others.

RushRace vs Traditional Slot Tournaments

Unlike traditional slot tournaments that require participants to start the competition at the same time and with equal balances, the best-in-class RushRace tournament introduces several new features to advance the online gaming experience beyond anything they have experienced so far.

The new slot tournament series that are designed in a way to support a wide number of game selections, as well as a switch in titles midway through the competition, allow casino players to join at any time in the tournament window, start with different balances and win based on a wide range of different game outcomes.

Players can use a variety of entry methods into the tournament, including using their bonus store points to purchase a tournament entry from RSI’s bonus store, can adjust their wager amount to fit their desired strategy and keep track of their progress via the real-time leaderboard and player position updates available while competing.

RSI said in the future, it would include head-to-head contests and would deploy the engine powering the RushArena platform to create peer-to-peer competition events between players at BetRivers, PlaySugarHouse and RushBet to let them challenge each other.

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