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Roobet Introduces Three MMA Podcasts to Help Fighters

Roobet’s marketing strategy has been top-notch, from bringing Snoop Dogg into the fold to launching a series of clever and useful assets over the past months

One such – or a handful of such to be exact – involves the rollout of three dedicated podcasts that will focus on mixed martial arts (MMA) designed to elevate the brand’s profile with those audiences and fans of promotions such as the UFC, and others.

Bringing to Fans the People they Want to Hear From

The three podcasts confirmed by Roobet include Champions Corner Podcast which will be hosted by UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno and be available in Spanish. Some of the guests coming up on the podcasts are Rey Mysterio, Diego Lopez, his own wife, and a psychologist, offering a unique insight into the life of a fighter and the implications their career could have on their physical and mental well-being.

Another podcast is Chute Boxe Podcast which will be hosted by Diego Lima, who is the manager and head coach of Chute Boxe Academy in São Paulo, Brazil. The podcast will be in Portuguese and it will be coming later in the summer. Not least, there is the On The House which features MMA agent Jason House who will be talking all things MMA and business in English.

Roobet has been very clever to host the podcasts in different languages, too, and target audiences and entire countries that are keen on the promoted and talked-about sport. The choice of talent has not been a random event either, with Roobet clearly doing their market research and knowing what speakers would bring the most value.

Making It So Fighters Have a Future After Fighting

Roobet co-founder and head of partnerships Anthony Brennan was similarly keen and welcomed the opportunity to see these podcasts and initiatives take off. He commented:

Supporting content creators is at the core of what we do, and we’re honored to have a trio of partners like Brandon, Jason, and Diego to launch a global, multilingual content slate that reflects the MMA community at large.

Roobet co-founder and head of partnerships Anthony Brennan

Brennan argued that the podcasts were not just a marketing stunt, but rather the opportunity to also support fighters outside of the cage and build a healthy revenue stream for them once their fighting career is over.

Roobet has used this opportunity to also increase its own profile, but ultimately – the message is clear – get people to know the people who enter the cage and help them be healthy members of society after their fighting days are over. The crypto casino’s partnership with Snoop Dogg was definitely one of the biggest highlights over the past months, but so is the launch of these meaningful podcasts.


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