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Roger Parkes Departs Betway Group after Nearly a Decade of Service

Parkes used the opportunity to reflect on his exciting time with the company and to thank his colleagues for their professionalism and support

Roger Parkes, Betway Group’s esteemed director of compliance and regulatory affairs, has announced his departure from the leading company after nearly a decade of dutiful service. Parkes, a key figure in shaping Betway’s compliance framework, revealed his decision to take a break, recharge, and reflect before pursuing his next professional challenge.

Betway Bids Farewell to a Seasoned Industry Veteran

Parkes joined Betway in July 2015 as the global head of compliance and regulatory affairs, based in London. In June 2018, he relocated to Malta, where his tireless work earned him a promotion to director of compliance and regulatory affairs. Parkes’ tenure saw him manage critical areas like regulatory compliance, licensing, betting integrity, customer welfare, Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Reflecting on his time with Betway, Parkes noted that he immediately recognized the company’s potential. He added that his efforts were instrumental in securing the company’s SGHC and the NYSE listing as he ushered in the development of an efficient culture of compliance and corporate oversight and contributed to significant restructuring efforts.

I’m proud to say I had the unwavering support of the Board to develop a highly effective and industry-respected Compliance/AML/BI/DP and Safer Gambling team.

Roger Parkes

Before his influential role at Betway, Parkes had a diverse career in the gambling and compliance sectors. He served at the Gambling Commission, first as a remote and technical adviser from July 2006 and later as a senior manager of sector and thematics from April 2014. Between these roles, he was the group compliance director at Betfair for nearly six years.

Parkes Plans to Take a Break

Parkes’ departure announcement on his LinkedIn profile expressed mixed feelings about leaving Betway. He was immensely grateful for the enduring support he received during his tenure with the company, thanking the chairman, CEO, other executives, and his team for their enthusiasm, commitment, and professionalism. Parkes remained optimistic regarding Betway’s prospects, lauding its successful strategy.

Looking ahead, Parkes shared his plans to take a few months off to rest and recharge. He noted that some of the friendships formed during his tenure would endure despite his departure and wished his colleagues the best of luck. Parkes added he had not contemplated concrete professional plans to follow his sojourn but was confident a new opportunity would soon present itself.

Like others who have left one role without another lined up, it is both unnerving and exciting, but the next challenge/opportunity is just over the horizon!

Roger Parkes

As the industry awaits Parkes’ next move, his departure marks the end of a significant chapter for Betway, which will now look to build on the solid compliance foundations he established. Despite his mild apprehension regarding his uncertain prospects, Parkes’ impressive track record of success should help him easily continue his professional journey, leveraging his substantial industry expertise.

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