Robert Goldstein Steps in as Las Vegas Sands CEO

Robert Goldstein will step in as Las Vegas Sands’ new chief executive, taking the reins over from the late Sheldon Adelson.

Las Vegas Sands Appoints Goldstein as New Founder

Robert Goldstein is stepping in as Las Vegas Sands’ new chairman and chief executive officer, after serving at the company as an executive for years prior to the passing of late founder Sheldon Adelson.

Mr. Goldstein stepped in a temporary CEO position following Mr. Adelson’s withdrawal from operations on January 7, after the company’s founder requested an official medical leave of absence to continue treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Mr. Adelson passed away on January 11 because of complications related to his disease, a battle he had been fighting for years. Yet, the company’s future is secure in the loyalist board of directors and executives Mr. Adelson handpicked and placed in pivotal positions.

Mr. Goldstein himself has been with LVS since 1995 and he was later appointed a member of the board of directors in January 2015, making him a suitable pick for the new man at the helm at the world’s largest casino operator.

His previous experience as executive VP of global gaming operations and President and COO at The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas give him the necessary background to step in with confidence in a position that will shape the future of the company.

Las Vegas to Continue Founder’s Vision

Upon accepting the post, Mr. Goldstein shared his thoughts on the late founder whom he venerated:

“Our spirits have been dimmer in these few weeks since his passing, but the future of the company he founded shines bright. He would expect nothing less than an aggressive pursuit of the work he started, and I am determined to lead this company forward in a way that best honors his vision.”   

-Las Vegas Sands CEO Robert Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein is leaving his old position as president and COO with Patrick Dumont, another Las Vegas Sands veteran and trusted company party. Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Dumont said that he would seek to back Mr. Goldstein in pursuing Las Vegas Sands’ strategy at home and abroad.

Mr. Dumont shared his view of the future, arguing that much like Mr. Adelson, the company will remain committed to supporting local communities and workers there, as has been exemplified during the pandemic when Las Vegas Sands was the only company that continued paying health benefits and kept paying salaries to employees.

As Mr. Dumont is moving away from his CFO position, that will be now taken by Randy Hyzak who used to serve as chief accounting officer. Mr. Hyzak is one of the latest arrivals to the company and he only joined the company in 2016.

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