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Robbery Suspect Arrested at Horseshoe Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana

Fishers Police Department confirmed the arrest of a 34-year-old man suspected of the crime who is now held on charges of theft and robbery

A man in Indiana was arrested earlier this week at a Shelbyville area casino on suspicion of a robbery of a gas station. The person suspected of the crime was identified with the initials M.C.S., a 34-year-old resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. A Fishers Police Department (FPD) statement reveals that the young man is held on charges of robbery and theft.

The incident dates back to Wednesday morning when officers from the FPD received a call about a robbery at the Circle K gas station on 9611 Allisonville Rd. The FPD statement reveals that the suspected robber entered the gas station and threatened the worker there at around 5:55 AM on Wednesday. The alleged robber claimed to have a gun in his possession and confirmed he was ready to use it unless the gas station employee gave him all of the money from the register.

The gas station employee complied with the robber’s demands and the robber left the venue with an undisclosed amount of money. During the incident, the worker at the gas station was not harmed and was able to call 911 while also catching a glimpse at the suspect’s vehicle.

Upon arrival, law enforcement reviewed video evidence which helped identify the suspect’s car. Using a system known as FLOCK/License Plate Reader (LPR), FPD officers were able to track the vehicle of the suspect to a casino within the Shelbyville area.

The Suspect Was Arrested

Law enforcement determined that the alleged robber was at the Horseshoe Casino in Shelbyville, in the same car that was used for the robbery. In a collaboration between the Indiana Gaming Commission as well as Shelbyville Police Department Indiana, the suspect was arrested. He was detained until FPD detectives arrived on the scene at the Horseshoe Casino.

The accused was located at the Horseshoe Casino in Shelbyville in the same vehicle used at the scene of the robbery,

reads a statement released by Fishers Police Department

Upon searching the suspect’s car, police uncovered money that matched the sum stolen during the Circle K gas station robbery. Additionally, law enforcement found clothing that matched the description of the robber. According to the FPD, the 34-year-old admitted to the crime after he was interviewed.

Under the current laws in Indiana, robberies are designated as a Level 5 felony, a crime that is punishable by up to six years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000. On the other hand, armed robbery, a crime in which the perpetrator uses a deadly weapon, is subject to a penalty of up to 16 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Charges for theft in Indiana are a Class A misdemeanor, with penalties depending on factors such as the value of the stolen property, whether or not the person who committed the crime has other convictions and other conditions.


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