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Robbers in Pennsylvania Hit Gambling Machine Money Collection Van

In broad daylight, a group of armed culprits stole $400,000 from a van transporting money collected from gambling machines

Gambling venues are often targeted by criminals considering they handle large amounts of cash. While betting outlets and casinos invest in security solutions, including live guards, such incidents are not uncommon. Besides casinos, armored cars, typically collecting money from different venues to deposit into bank accounts can also become targets of culprits seeking to get their hands on lots of money quickly.

This is precisely the case of an unmarked gambling machine money collection van that was transporting money for a company called Pa Amusements in Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, in a brazen armed robbery, the unmarked van was attacked by culprits who stole $400,000, Penn Live reports.

Robbers Wield Guns in Board Daylight

The van was traveling on a route that included visits to Greencastle, Chambersburg and Waynesboro. The unmarked vehicle collected boxes with cash from video gambling machines at venues operated by Pa Amusements and was hit at the Southgate Mall in Chambersburg. The crime happened around noon in broad daylight on Monday. It is believed that four armed robbers were involved in the attack.

The unmarked car transporting the money stopped to collect a cash box from Spot Laundromat, when it was approached by a group of armed robbers. One of the robbers attacked the security guard of the van, hitting him on the head. Subsequently, the guard’s weapon was taken from him.

Another culprit who participated in the brazen attack took several cases containing cash bins. After that, the armed robbers fled with their vehicle. Upon investigating the criminal case, police uncovered four bins and eight cash boxes that were tossed empty by the robbers.

With an investigation still ongoing, the whereabouts of the armed culprits are still unknown. State police suspect the robbers could have gone to Adams or Cumberland counties. An alternative that is also being considered is that the armed group fled to nearby Maryland.

It Is Unclear How the Unmarked Van Was Identified

CCTV footage released by State Police shows three suspects with different clothing and masks. Two of the robbers are seen carrying a gun. It is likely that a fourth individual is also involved in the robbery considering that robbery groups usually have a dedicated driver.

Currently, it remains unclear how the group was able to identify and target the specific van that was transporting the money considering that it was unmarked. Generally speaking, such cases may involve insider information, but law enforcement hasn’t confirmed or rejected such a possibility.


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