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Rivalry Eyes Strategic Expansion Following In-House Online Casino Success

The company’s recently released 2024 business update highlighted its impressive momentum across several verticals and its possible growth avenues

Rivalry’s newest press release highlighted its ambition to redefine the future of online betting for the digitally native generation. Exiting 2023 as a transformed entity, the company has ventured into new verticals, broadening its scope. These efforts can lead to new B2B licensing opportunities, delivering lasting value and enabling further growth.

Success across Multiple Verticals Creates New Opportunities

Rivalry experienced significant growth across various product segments in 2023, transcending its esports origins. The platform expanded into traditional sports, casinos, and fantasy gaming, leveraging its understanding of the Gen Z demographic to engage an underutilized audience. This shift has unlocked substantial value, enabling new revenue streams and growth avenues.

2023 saw Rivalry report a 70% rise in revenue, reaching $29.2 million. This impressive growth occurred even as marketing spending decreased by 8%, highlighting the company’s successful business model. The platform continued its marketing excellence, expanding its creator network with over 100 brand partners and 90 million+ aggregate followers.

Customers, interested brand partners, and other stakeholders have come to view Rivalry as a proven onramp to interactive and entertaining experiences.

Steven Salz, Rivalry Corp. co-founder and CEO

Rivalry positions itself as a generational brand in online gambling, reflecting technological cycles where new products rise to serve emerging customers. The company distinguishes itself with an entertaining, culturally relevant, and ever-evolving product suite. The brand strategically sits at the intersection of gaming and internet culture, resonating globally thanks to its original game IPs such as “Cash & Dash.”

With casino gaming constituting a substantial portion of betting handle and the success of Rivalry’s custom-built platform, Casino.exe, the company is eyeing opportunities in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector, leveraging its success in engaging the under-30 demographic. Licensing opportunities should create new revenue streams and improve brand recognition, yielding long-term benefits.

As Rivalry steps into 2024, the focus is on strategic investments and measured growth in key areas, positioning the platform for sustained success. The objectives for 2024 aim to balance profitability with growth and include better cost management, more first-party game releases, and improved player retention. Rivalry will also invest further in traditional sports segments to broaden the demographic reach.

We have unparalleled demographic expertise, a product innovation engine delivering results, unforgettable marketing, and an immensely talented team.

Steven Salz, Rivalry Corp. co-founder and CEO

As Rivalry steps into 2024, it aims to showcase operational excellence, maintaining its position as a frontrunner in online gambling and continuing to challenge conventional norms in the industry. The platform’s unique approach sets it apart in a competitive landscape as it retains its focus on capturing the next generation’s customer journey and pioneering the future of online betting.

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