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Rivalry Extends Grayhound Partnership in Australian Market

Rivalry’s expansion into Australia through its Grayhound partnership comes as the team is preparing for the upcoming ESL Pro League group stages

The pair partnered back in 2022 when Grayhound’s name was changed to GRAYHOUND.Rivalry as the CS:GO team was departing from a defunct Order. The latest addition to the partnership will see the pair working together on new content.

Expanding into Australia

Aside from joint content published with Rivalry branding, the new partnership parameters include Rivalry’s logo on the official team jerseys, as well as additional digital branding opportunities, including social media. Additionally, the pair will be hosting in-person and online events, where fans will be able to meet their favorite CS:GO players.

“Our partnership with Grayhound is kicking off alongside one of the most prominent Counter-Strike leagues globally,” said Cathy Stapleton – Rivalry’s Australia marketing director, commenting on the news. However, when it comes to Rivalry, this is a sign the company is focusing on the Australian market more heavily than ever before.

CS:GO is one of the most bet-on esports in the country, with calling it “Australia’s biggest esports betting market”. Furthermore, Stapleton herself said the Australian market is a key audience for the esports bookmaker. So, with one of the biggest CS:GO events being in full swing, and with a fruitful market, the timing couldn’t be better.

The team is preparing for its OONATION match after losing to Team Vitality 0-2 yesterday. OONATION also lost 2-0 to OG, which is facing off Team Vitality in the match before the ‘Hounds’. Playoffs will take place March 21 through 26, and DreamHack Melbourne is just around the corner, starting in the last days of April at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne and Olympic Parks.

Rivalry Expects Big Things in 2023

Expansion has been a prominent trend for Rivalry so far this year, and esports betting as a whole has been an integral part of that progress. The Toronto-based company was clear that it saw esports betting as a very important factor for the industry’s growth. It released its 2022 Rivalry Wrapped report last year, outlining the top factor for growth – engagement.

Of course, betting is a very good instrument to help drive engagement, so it’s a naturally crucial part of everyone’s efforts in driving higher engagement. Big tournaments and events are also key driving factors. Additionally, Counter-Strike was found to be one of the top three esports games among active bettors, with the other two being Dota 2 and League of Legends.

So, expanding into Australia’s already well-developed market where Counter-Strike betting is well-established, aligns perfectly with the company’s plans to make 2023 a year of record achievements. It also fits the company’s focus on esports on a global scale, not only for Australia, which itself is simply part of its growth trajectory for the new fiscal year.


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