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Rivalry Enters Casino Gaming, Introduces Bets on Aviator

Esports and sports betting company Rivalry Corp announced an expansion of its product offering into the casino segment via wagers on its popular online game Aviator.

Continuous Expansion of Product Offering

Launched in online markets where Rivalry operates under its Isle of Man license, the bets on the game from Rivalry’s “crash” category are also expected to become available to players in Ontario in the following months.

Commenting on the new product launch, Rivalry’s co-founder and chief executive officer Steven Salz outlined the company’s strategy is built around a continuous expansion of its product offering, relying on bringing fresh content to its players that is consistent with the Rivalry brand.

“With a strong foundation in esports betting and a growing traditional sports business,” Salz continued, emphasizing the launch in the casino segment “in an authentically Rivalry way” as the next step for the business, and stressing the credentials of the company’s first-ever third-party casino game that is “simple, easy to learn, and has a live chat element that aligns” with Rivalry’s focus on community.

Featuring a bet multiplier that is constantly increasing until the game is lost, the Aviator game allows players to cash out provided that they do not wait for too long and is great on both mobile and desktop.

The offering of fast sessions and a simple user interface is complemented by the opportunity to interact with other players via live chat and brings a social aspect to the game, helping to differentiate it from the traditional online slot and casino games that appear to be less attractive to younger demographics due to the solitary gaming experience.

MMOGG and Casino Games Complement Each Other

The addition of third-party casino content represents a significant potential growth opportunity for the company that was strengthening its presence in esports betting, traditional sports betting and the innovative Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (MMOGG) categories so far.

Offering a higher level of customer return consistency than sportsbooks and no seasonality, the casino segment will also provide operators with stability throughout the calendar year of sporting events, and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Venture Exchange-listed company is looking to leverage the trust of its loyal esports betting customer base to establish a presence in the online casino gaming space.

Announced with the launch of Rushlane last year, the MMOGG category and the new casino games complement each other “as part of a cohesive strategy to deliver engaging experiences” and Rivalry is planning to add new casino games in the coming quarters.

Last month, Rivalry revealed an impressive second-quarter performance posting record-breaking revenue growth.

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