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Resorts World and Sightline Boost Cashless Offer in Las Vegas

Sightline Payments has been one of the most innovative tech providers for the land-based casino industry and Resorts World Las Vegas, one of the most forward-thinking properties in the adoption of cashless gaming technology and among the first partners for Sightline. Now, the pair is taking this collaboration a notch further through the introduction of second-gen technology that will be deployed directly at the property.

Sightline and Resorts World Las Vegas Continue to Build upon Cashless Experience

This means that Resorts World Las Vegas guests can now enjoy remote identification and enrollment, biometric authentication, the partners’ single digital wallet through Sightline Mobile+ and Play+ solutions, and so much more. Sightline has been a passionate advocate for the liberalization of the land-based gambling market and for allowing more customers to use digital solutions to enroll themselves in casino and hospitality experiences offered at resort floors.

Commenting on the partnership, company co-CEO Omer Sattar said that he commended the property’s embrace of new technology which is all done with the sole purpose of bringing the best possible experiences to consumers. He continued:

Groundbreaking technology builds on itself and this 2nd generation makes cashless gaming more accessible and a better overall experience for patrons. We look forward to working with Resorts World Las Vegas on future generations.

Sightline Payments co-CEO Omer Sattar

Sightline and Resorts World Las Vegas entered an exclusive cashless payment experience back in June last year. While neither company thinks cashless will supplant or eliminate the use of cash, both are confident that the introduction of this and other related technology can translate into better customer satisfaction and experience across the board.

One of the key things that cashless helps achieve is the reduction in time that it takes customers to start playing after they sign up and can access their funds. Thanks to the original partnership, the pair makes it so that customers can undergo remote identity verification which saves them time.

Cashless Makes the Customer Journey Quicker and More Rewarding

Not only that but Sightline makes it possible to enroll, verify and fund accounts from just about anywhere in the country – and the world. While there has been some regulatory concern over the technology, Sightline has argued passionately with the Nevada Gaming Commission, assuring the watchdog that there is no reason for concern and that all necessary measures are taken to ensure that all activities are legitimate.

Thanks to the introduction of the new tech, which essentially allows consumers to avoid moving their funds from the Play+ accounts into gambling accounts, and thus reduce the time they need to start playing their favorite slots or table games. Resorts World Las Vegas SVP casino operations Rick Hutchins was similarly pleased with the development.

“We’ve dramatically lessened the time and hassle for those who want to take advantage of cashless gaming and enroll in Genting Rewards when they visit our resort,” Hutchins noted, adding that the property was thrilled to be building up on this unique proposition with Sightline.


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