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Republican Candidate Wins $757,577 Lottery Jackpot in North Carolina

The money will help him run a stronger campaign and put him in a position to help the entire state

A political candidate from North Carolina has won the lottery after typing his children’s birthdays as the numbers. Luckily, he matched all five balls in Cash 5, striking the $1.5 million jackpot.

The lucky winner in question is Josh McConkey of Apex, a doctor and US Air Force Reserve Colonel who is running for a Republican seat in Congress. The man, who promotes robust fiscal discipline, sound monetary policies and tax reform, was “in shock” to win such a huge prize.

While McConkey got lucky in matching all five numbers, he isn’t the only lucky winner in North Carolina. Another lottery player also matched all numbers, meaning that the two winners will take back home $757,577 each.

For reference, the draw was held on February 1.

The Money Will Help McConkey’s Bid for a Seat

McConkey told the NC Education Lottery that he feels excited about his win.

This is quite a day. I am still really in shock. It’s pretty wild.

Josh McConkey

The Republican candidate explained that he never thinks twice about the numbers he picks and usually uses his children’s birthdays and his anniversary when playing the lottery.

McConkey also noted that he plans on using some of the money to support his bid for a Congress seat. According to him, the money will help him run a stronger campaign and put him in a position to help the entire state.

It is definitely needed. It is going to help us and put us in a position to help North Carolina.

Josh McConkey

About Cash 5

For reference, Cash 5 is one of the six lottery games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets at a retail location or online. McConkey’s winning ticket was purchased online, netting him $757,577.

Players can get tickets through the lottery’s official website or via the NC Lottery Official Mobile App.

A part of the lottery’s proceeds are donated to education programs in the state, supporting North Carolina communities. More information about the NC Education Lottery’s initiatives is available on the lottery’s official website.


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