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Relax Gaming Adds Elysium Studios as Distribution Partner

Relax Gaming has expanded its list of partners that it distributes games for with Elysium Studios. The company is now joining Relax Gaming’s established and highly respected distribution system and program. Elysium will also contribute by leveraging its dedicated remote gaming server which will allow for all games that it distributes through Relax Games to be updated quickly and run as intended.

Relax Gaming Secures Another Worthwhile Studio Partner

Elysium Studios has an impressive portfolio of games that it’s bringing to Relax’s network of operators and brands, including Wizardz World, Spirit Hunters, Supa Crew, Fox Tale, Battle of Myths, and forthcoming titles such as Sword King and Clash of Heroes. Relax Gaming CEO Simon Hammon welcomed this new addition and said:

Elysium is a truly stellar studio with an impressive portfolio of titles under its belt.

Relax Gaming CEO Simon Hammon

The executive was happy with Elysium’s established portfolio of industry-defining and leading games. He said that the studio has developed a unique proposition that engages players and makes them feel a part of the action. Powered By Relax’s family definitely stands to benefit from Elysium’s addition to the ecosystem, Hammon concluded.

The news was welcomed on a similar note by Elysium CEO Sergio Jacob that the partnership with Relax is another fantastic opportunity for the company to continue expanding its reach and boost awareness of its products with new player bases. “We’re excited to share our highly engaging games with the industry and keep pushing the boundaries of innovation,” Jacob shared.

Elysium Confident in the Future of Quality Games

He added that he was proud of the hard work that the entire team at Elysium had put in to make this partnership a reality. Jacob also took stock of what makes for a successful studio in the iGaming sector.

He argued that the number of releases hardly matters anymore, as players and companies look for titles that can excel and engage players for years to come. Quality has become key. Relax Gaming continues to expand its family of content distribution partners as it has added a number of companies over the past weeks and months.

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