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Recent Gambling Expansions Show Americans’ Growing Appetite for Casino Games

2019 has seen plenty of gambling expansion across the United States, with Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois and Indiana all making room for new gaming opportunities.

Gambling Expansion Continues to Spread Across America

Illinois has only recently approved expansion, but gaming experts are already predicting that it will result in the state developing one of the most successful gaming markets in the USA. It is estimated that the expansion of the state’s gambling will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Exciting Opportunities for Online Gambling in Michigan

The legislation will allow for 20 sportsbooks to open up across the state, which will be permitted to offer online betting. Six new casinos will also be able to open, which presents even more great opportunities for gaming operators to thrive in Michigan.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, gaming consultant Frank Fantini stated that about 45,000 jobs will be created – more than any other state. It is also predicted that the new online gambling services will bring in an additional £350 million for the state, which will be used to fund valuable public programs across Michigan.

There always seems to be a great uptake whenever gambling is expanded in Michigan. When video gaming terminals were approved in 2012, the number of gaming jobs tripled. We sure to see even more great career opportunities once the state’s new sportsbooks are up and running, and its online casinos go live.

The Push for Further Gambling Expansion Across the USA

Illinois wasn’t the only state to make great strides in the gambling market this year. Michigan also signed a gambling expansion bill, which will allow for its casinos to offer online gambling opportunities.

GAN, an award-winning online casino game developer, has come forward to express its delight at Michigan expanding its gambling market. The company will be throwing its hat in the ring to partner up with one of the state’s 26 casinos to bring local residents a quality online gaming experience. A statement from the company reads:

“In total, 21.3% of Americans now live in States with legislation enabling Internet gambling. With Michigan’s regulated Internet gambling market expected to commence in 2020, GAN is strongly positioned to serve Michigan casino operators in that State”.

Dermot Smurfit, the CEO of GAN, predicts that Michigan’s gambling expansion will result in a much faster adoption of online gambling among the rest of the United States. He states that Michigan’s legalization of online gambling “signals States’ increased appetite for enabling Internet casino gaming”.

These are some pretty strong words, but they seem to be an accurate prediction. In 2013, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey became the first states to regulate their online gambling market, and there was somewhat of a lull until Pennsylvania regulated online casino games in 2018. This year, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and now Michigan have expanded their gambling markets – so, it looks like a trend that will continue on an upwards trajectory.


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