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RealResponse and US Integrity Unveil Service to Safeguard College Athletics

This end-to-end service, catering to student-athletes and the campus community, introduces a team of elite investigators to ensure the integrity of competitive sports

RealResponse and US Integrity have joined forces to unveil a revolutionary service exclusively designed for intercollegiate athletics, aimed at countering the rising tide of illegal gambling-linked activities. 

RealResponse and US Integrity Unite to Protect College Athletics Integrity

The collaboration between RealResponse and US Integrity has resulted in a seamlessly integrated service that offers a vital shield for not only the 100,000-plus student-athletes presently utilizing the RealResponse platform but also for the colleges and universities themselves. The service allows individuals to anonymously report incidents of insider information abuse, potential game manipulation, and even physical threats, thereby maintaining the fairness and integrity of competitions.

When a concern emerges related to sports betting, RealResponse’s clientele in the college athletics sphere will now have direct access to US Integrity’s investigative expertise through the RealResponse platform. Upon receipt of a report via the RealResponse platform, campus administrators can swiftly engage US Integrity’s collegiate response team, consisting of seasoned professionals skilled in monitoring wagers. These experts will assess, verify, and expedite the report’s submission to the appropriate authorities within minutes.

A Holistic Approach to Athlete Well-Being

What sets this service apart is its accessibility – existing RealResponse collegiate clients can avail themselves of this service without any additional cost, accessible through their internal portals. For institutions seeking a more personalized touch, there is an option to establish a branded external portal, enabling anyone from parents to friends and even competitors to flag gambling-related concerns.

David Chadwick, RealResponse’s founder and CEO, stated: “Gambling is a major concern on college campuses—not just for student-athletes—and the potential harm to a student’s mental health and physical well-being is great. This expanded partnership with US Integrity delivers instant support to student-athletes through a channel they already trust with sharing their most pressing needs and concerns.” 

US Integrity’s co-founder and CEO, Matthew Holt, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the paramount importance of safeguarding the well-being of student-athletes who are committed to both their athletic endeavors and educational pursuits. 

This initiative follows the launch of “Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse” in May 2023, a national tip line enabling anonymous reporting of gambling-related issues. These efforts also follow recent gambling scandals at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University’s football program, while in June, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) revised its rules on the scope of punishments related to gambling violations.  


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