RAW iGaming Welcomes Two Industry Veterans on Board

RAW iGaming, a young and innovative slot games developer, has added two industry experts to its leadership team in order to accelerate its growth. The ones up to the tasks at hand are Ricardo Ruiz and Henrik Fagerlund – two seasoned iGaming experts.

RAW is Joined by Two Veterans

Ruiz has years of experience on his CV. Before joining RAW iGaming, he has worked for various gambling companies in Tanzania. Eventually, Ruiz moved to another slot game developer, namely Videoslots, where he stayed for almost six years. Back in Videoslots, Ruiz started as a senior developer before becoming head of development and later chief technology officer.

As a member of RAW iGaming, Ruiz will assume the role of CTO – something he already has experience with. His knowledge in IT combined with RAW iGaming’s unique vision will be a strong asset for moving the company forward.

Fagerlund, on the other hand, is a former Paf, GTECH, and Evolution Gaming member with great managing skills. His talent for management is widely acknowledged and Fagerlund’s skills in gambling games development and sales are recommended by many.

Raw iGaming will have the opportunity to channel those very same skills as the company has strategically put Fagerlund in the position of chief operating officer.

RAW iGaming Continues to Pursue Innovation

The new employees spoke on their new positions. Ruiz admitted that technology, gaming, and product innovation are all things that excite him. Since he shares this philosophy with Raw iGaming, Ruiz is thrilled to work with the company and looks forward to building new tech and helping Raw iGaming in its quest to make unparalleled and unique products.  

Fagerlund shared that he adores the iGaming industry but has always felt that innovation is somewhat lacking. Because of this, he is delighted by the opportunity to help Raw iGaming. He shared that when he first met Tom Wood, the founder and chief executive of the company, and saw SuperSlice, Raw’s most popular game, Fagerlund knew that Raw iGaming isn’t cutting corners when it comes to innovation.

 “That hit the target for me and it’s an absolute honor to join RAW. Here I can bring all my experience, passion, and energy to the table and help make a difference.”

RAW iGaming COO Henrik Fagerlund

Wood himself welcomed the new management team members on board. For him, both men illustrate Raw iGaming’s devotion to excellence. He added that he is thankful that the two chose to work with Raw.

“Ricardo will ensure the technical security and viability of our platforms while Henrik will bring to bear his incredible wealth of knowledge in iGaming and will ensure our teams deliver to the quality levels and innovation which RAW will be known for,” Wood explained.

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