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Rank Group Enjoys Strong Results, Remains Optimistic about UK Growth

Ahead of regulatory changes to the gambling sector in the UK, Rank Group posted strong results, highlighting a positive expectation for its growth in the country

The Rank Group released its latest interim results, uncovering details regarding its progress over the six months ended December 31, 2023. The company referred to the period as H1 2023/24, with results pointing to an increase in net gaming revenue (NGR) year-over-year. Besides financial data, Rank Group released details regarding its expectations for 2024 in key markets.

Focusing on the UK, John O’Reilly, the company’s chief executive, explained that the business is positioned well for further growth, boosted by the upcoming regulatory changes within the retail gambling sector in the country. The changes are expected to come into effect at some point this year, according to the company, possibly around the summer. “These reforms cannot come soon enough in enabling us to modernize our proposition to better meet our customers’ expectations,” added O’Reilly.

“We are well positioned to optimize the opportunities afforded by the UK Government’s planned land-based regulatory reforms which will hopefully be implemented through the passing of secondary legislation in the summer of 2024.

John O’Reilly, chief executive of The Rank Group

Last year, the Gambling Act review white paper was released, outlining a number of suggestions that are expected to completely overhaul the gambling industry across the country. Among the proposed changes are the implementation of limits for online slots, changes in the ratio of B and C gambling devices, as well as implementation of affordability checks, among other improvements.

Yet, so far the government hasn’t set a deadline for the implementation of the changes, while consultations with stakeholders on certain topics are still ongoing. Ultimately, the review of the Gambling Act 2005 is expected to ensure that the laws in the country fit the digital age.

The Company Posts Strong Results Despite Challenges

When it comes to financial results, Rank Group posted £362.6 million ($460 million) in NGR for H1 2023/24. This figure, compared to the £338.9 million ($430 million) reported for the corresponding period a year ago, showed an increase of 7%. Additionally, Rank Group confirmed that its operating profit for the latest trading period was £16.2 million ($20.6 million).

Whilst it remains a challenging economic environment, we are positive about the future and expect LFL operating profit for the year ending 30 June 2024 to be in line with our expectations,

reads a statement released by The Rank Group

While the company acknowledged that the economic environment remains challenging, it was still optimistic about its future performance. Rank Group said that it anticipates its upcoming financial results for the year ending June 30, 2024, to coincide with its initial expectations.


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