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Raids on Illegal Gambling in Kentucky Leads to 4 Arrests

Police and federal officers in Nicholasville, Kentucky, apprehended four individuals in relation to illegal gambling operations in the state. 

Efforts to Stop Illegal Gambling Ongoing 

Crackdowns on unlicensed and unregulated gambling businesses in the United States continue spearheaded by the FBI and local law enforcement. Last week, FBI agents and the Nicholasville Police Department executed search warrants that led to the bust of two gambling businesses that were operating without proper licenses. 

On one location, that of a used car dealership, officers and agents found seven gambling machines, and less than a mile away from that spot, there were another 15 machines located in a convenience store. Authorities have been tipped off by concerned citizens.

The police department used the opportunity to address how such gambling operations were designed to defraud customers and were never intended to give you a fair chance of winning. 

“Illegal gambling machines such as these are designed for the person not to win. They usually pay out small amounts in an effort to have you continue to return and play the games,” a Facebook message posted on the Nicholasville Police Department read. 

The raids have resulted in arrests. Four people have been apprehended, including Barron HendersonTeresa BurdineSheila Johns, and Carolyn Ramsey-Jasper, all locals. All four have been charged with four counts of conspiracy to promote gambling. 

Arraignment court dates have been set for June 16 and June 17. The involvement of federal agents means that the culprits may face federal charges, albeit none have been filed so far with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky

The proliferation of illegal gambling has continued in Kentucky and elsewhere in the United States despite stiff penalties and criminal sentences to those running and operating said businesses. Kentucky may not provide the full array of gambling options as well, but the state does have legal gambling options.

One of those is the historical horse racing (HHR) machines which have been the subject of fiery debate of late, with lawmakers seeking to limit their reach and availability in the state. The issue was taken up by the legislature, with the Senate voting in favor of legalizing HHRs in February but the problem finding no successful outcome so far. 

Crime involving illegal gambling operations has proliferated in the United States. Sometimes it has been the result of a lack of consumer awareness. Meanwhile, police are looking to bring charges against more accomplices of the four arrested individuals in Nicholasville. 


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  • Shirley
    May 30, 2022 at 5:26 am

    The owners of these coin operated machines rent/contract them out to businesses. The owner gets 60% and the renter gets 40% of the money that’s put into these machines.
    Couldn’t these also be used as a way to launder drug/illegal money?? Of course!! I frequent these games in my county as well as 3 surrounding counties. I see things!! Just saying.

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