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RAAC Discovery Forces Genting to Shut Down Westcliff-on-Sea Casino

The unreliable material could have put the lives of visitors in danger

Structural integrity concerns have caused Genting Casinos UK to temporarily shut down its casino in Westclif-on-Sea. As it turns out, reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) had been used in the property’s construction, compromising the venue.

RAAC was most commonly used in the mid-20th century as a cheaper and lighter version of conventional reinforced concrete. However, structural issues began to surface in the 90s, with concerns growing lauder in the 21st century because of reports of an earlier roofing collapse at a British primary school.

The reliability of the material and its suitability for structures continues to come into question. However, Genting doesn’t want to take any risks and, fearing potential structural integrity problems, decided not to expose its customers to unnecessary danger.

As a result, the casino company shut down its Westcliff-on-Sea property.

A message on the casino’s official website points out that the RAAC was discovered during a routine inspection. Experts learned that RAAC had been used in the construction of the roof, which may pose significant dangers to casino goers.

Genting did not provide any estimate for when the casino would reopen but promised to keep fans updated. In the meantime, it encouraged gamblers to visit other gambling venues to play.

In the meantime, properties throughout the UK continue to replace RAAC components in existing buildings.

Another Genting-Owned Casino Shut Its Doors Recently

The Westclif-on-Sea casino was not the only property Genting was forced to shut down. In October, the gambling operator also had to close the legendary Crockfords Casino.

For reference, the Crockfords Casino used to be the oldest gambling property in the UK that was still in function. Having operated for as many as 195 years, the property was a famous spot for gambling for almost two centuries.

However, the decline in foreign visitation and the lack of high rollers affected its sustainability. As a result, Genting was forced to announce the permanent shutdown of the casino. Genting Casinos UK’s president, Paul Willcock, said that, regrettably, a combination of factors has put high-end London casinos at a competitive disadvantage.

In spite of Willcock’s statement, some fans believe that the decline of high-end casinos is actually caused by some of the local regulations, which force visitors to prove the source of their funds.


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