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Queensland Lawmakers Pass Tough Gambling Regulation

The legislative changes seek to combat money laundering while reducing gambling harm and problem gambling

Identified as a serious public health issue, gambling is widely spread across Australia. Known as the country with the highest gambling losses per capita, Australia is currently trying to implement effective changes to gambling regulations that can ultimately protect consumers and reduce the money lost to the activity. There are ongoing efforts in different states, including New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, among others.

The need for reform in Queensland was first mentioned in 2022 after a probe into the operations of the casino operator Star Entertainment. The extensive review concluded that the operator was unfit to hold a gambling license but was given a chance to remedy the situation. Still, Star was hit by the Queensland government with a staggering AU$100 million fine with the review finding that the operator breached the established responsible gaming and anti-money laundering regulations.

Now, the change to the sector in the jurisdiction has never been closer, considering that new legislation on gambling was passed by lawmakers Wednesday. The state parliament voted and unanimously passed the legislation which brings meaningful changes to the gambling industry in the jurisdiction. Ultimately, the new rules seek to strengthen the regulation, implementing tougher rules that will help combat money laundering. More importantly, the legislation seeks to protect consumers from gambling harm by reducing the money spent on gambling activities.

Legislation to Bring Limits for Gambling with Cash

An important part of the changes involves the enforcement of a casino code of conduct that gambling operators would have to adhere to. Further changes that will seek to ensure the protection of gamblers include changes to gambling marketing as well as limits for the sums that can be wagered in cash.

Lawmakers are yet to confirm what the limit for gambling cash transactions would be. It is likely that this limit would be set at AU$1,000 ($651) per individual, per day, which was a part of the proposed changes following the review of the Star’s operations a few years ago. Besides protecting consumers from excessive gambling, the limits applicable for gambling cash transactions are expected to help prevent and combat money laundering.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reforms presented in this bill are among the most significant steps taken to reduce gambling harm in any jurisdiction in this country in the history of gambling regulation.

Yvette D’Ath, attorney general in Queensland

Yvette D’Ath, Queensland’s attorney general, spoke about the importance of the approved legislation, as announced by The Guardian. She highlighted that the legislation represents the start of a major reform for the state’s gambling sector that is planned to curb problem gambling and reduce harm. Finally, D’Ath said that the changes in Queensland represent the most impactful measures toward the gambling sector in the country.

The recently passed legislation is going to affect all casinos in the jurisdiction. It is expected to be implemented close to the end of next year.


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