December 2, 2022 3 min read


QTech Games Expands Content by Adding Games from AvatarUX

The leading distributor of games across Asia and new emerging markets, QTech Games, announced a new partnership with AvatarUX, a leading provider of innovative games for the iGaming industry.

AvatarUX Inks New Deal With QTech Games

Details of the new deal emerged Friday and see QTech Games expand its content offering by delivering innovative games from AvatarUX. Under the terms of the new collaboration, popular titles such as HipHopPop, CherryPop, HelioPOPolis and KokeshiPop will become available for QTech Games’ platform partners. Each of those popular games is powered by AvatarUX’s leading PopWins mechanics.

What’s more, the content of the fast-growing and innovative game developer stands out with short loading times in combination with high-quality graphics and audio effects. AvatarUX offers games that feature immersive gameplay and leverage complex mathematical models. The company’s titles are powered further by the PopWins mechanics. The unique mechanic is famous for creating engaging experiences for online customers which helps extend the average length of the gameplay while at the same time granting customers chances for winning big prizes.

On the other hand, the developer’s content will resonate well with QTech Games. Currently, the company’s platform stands out by offering localized content for different regions, supporting marketing and reporting tools as well as 24/7 local-language support.

The Collaboration Is Expected to Benefit the Duo

Nicola Longmuir, the CEO of AvatarUX, revealed that QTech Games was the perfect fit for the company’s popular content and leading tools. She explained that AvatarUX will benefit from the new deal by expanding its global footprint and reaching new customers in emerging markets.

QTech Games is a natural habitat for our superior online casino games and player-engagement tools.

Nicola Longmuir, CEO at AvatarUX

Longmuir added that the company remains committed to “becoming a market-leading game studio, with progressive global recognition recently received for our award-winning slot games.” She acknowledged that the new deal with QTech Games complements this goal and helps the company expand its global footprint. Last but not least, Longmuir said AvatarUX is looking forward to reaching new audiences and seeing the success the new combination will bring.

It’s another ringing endorsement for our platform to have integrated more premium content from AvatarUX.

Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games

Daniel Long, QTech Games’ CCO, revealed that the new collaboration further expands the content offered by its leading platform. He added that the company continues to bring innovative games expanding further its offering. Long added that QTech Games is looking forward to how AvatarUX’s content will be received in emerging markets. Last but not least, he acknowledged that the new games offer the engaging PopWins mechanic and that the company is looking forward to launching the content for its partners.


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