November 16, 2022 3 min read


QTech Boosts Product Lineup with New Partnership

iGaming content distributor QTech announced a new strategic collaboration with Anguilla-based casino game developer Manna Play. QTech gains access to a substantial portfolio of successful games, boosting its status as one of Asia’s leading partners for gambling operators. Meanwhile, Manna Play will be able to substantially broaden its geographic footprint, introducing its content to previously inaccessible areas.

Manna Play Will Reach Untapped Markets

Manna Play’s content should be a natural fit for QTech, as it boasts many state-of-the-art offerings developed by a talented and multi-faceted team. The company’s most popular games include titles like Double Dragons, Bikini Queens Dating, and Gem Princess. The studio is adept at combining the traditional slot experience with quality narratives, great gameplay, and varied, engaging art styles, appealing to a diverse audience.

Monica Chang, Manna Play’s COO, commented that the new partnership would bolster the company’s global impact, allowing more players to enjoy its quality content.

This QTech deal embodies our cornerstone strategy to maximize our reach, and we look forward to seeing how new audiences embrace our games.

Monica Chang, Manna Plays COO

Chang lauded QTech’s market-leading platform and expressed hope that the distributor would fully utilize Manna Play’s quality casino games and player-engagement tools.

QTech’s new COO delivers on his promises

QTech should also greatly benefit from the new collaboration, as new and engaging titles are the lifeblood of any gaming content distributor. The company primarily services the Asia area, but its diverse selection of gaming solutions has allowed it to quickly expand across developing territories in Eastern Europe to Latin America. QTech’s platform gives operators access to a vast library of localized content boosted by reliable reporting and marketing tools.

Daniel Long, QTech Games’ CCO, stated that integrating Manna Play’s growing content library would be a great boon for the platform, thanks to the developer’s commitment to delivering a premium experience.

Together, we will continue to raise the bar… We can’t wait to witness how these games perform across a range of untapped markets.

Daniel Long, QTech Games CCO

The Manna Play deal marks one of Long’s first high-profile achievements as QTech COO. He only recently joined the company at the beginning of November, and his substantial industry experience is already paying dividends. Long expressed his commitment to boosting QTech’s global presence and fostering growth. A partnership with a proven and capable content developer seems to be a decisive first step toward that goal.

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