Punters Looking to Score Big by Betting on Montreal Canadiens Winning Stanley Cup

Although pre-season odds for Montreal Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup hit +2,000, +3,000, now, the odds have changed, as the team is four winning games away from winning the competition. Some sports fans that are into re-selling betting slips now have a great opportunity to go home with a big prize, if the team wins the competition.

Will Montreal Canadiens Win the Stanley Cup?

During the playoffs for the Stanley Cup this season, it didn’t look like the Montreal Canadiens had a big chance to win. Pre-season, the odds for the Canadiens’ winning the Cup were set by bookmakers at +2,000, +3,000 and some even hit +5,000.

Now, the tables have turned and the Canadiens are just four winning games away from winning the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay Lightning, the team that won the Cup last season, will play against the Montreal Canadiens today in Tampa, Florida. Current odds are -275 for Tampa Bay Lightning and +235 for the Canadiens. Sports fans that have placed wagers on Montreal are now facing a difficult decision: either to sell their ticket and make some extra cash while they can or wait and cash it in. Either way, they can make money, but there is risk regardless of which option they choose.

If Canadiens Win, Punters Who Have Bet Will Go Home with Hefty Prizes

On Sunday of last week, ESPN revealed a story about a sports fan from New York called Dave, who purchased a $45 Canadiens betting slip. The sports bettor used a website offering re-selling of betting tickets. Purchased when Montreal was down 3-1 against the Leafs, Dave spent $45, which may now bring him more than $10,000.

Furthermore, the world’s biggest bookmaker, William Hill, revealed that several bettors made big bets on the Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup. One $1,100 bet may bring the lucky sports fan some $27,500, at +2,500 odds. Additionally, another punter has wagered $1,000, which at +4,500 odds, may bring him $45,000, while another sports fan has wagered $2,500, which at 2,800 odds may result in a hefty $70,000 win.

Dave revealed that the reason for buying the $45 ticket, which may turn to $10,000, was the Leafs. According to him, they “choke every year,” which is why he has seen the opportunity and purchased the ticket. Although Dave acknowledged that he was scared during the Vegas series, he kept the ticket and did not sell it. At the end of the day, Dave revealed that he was aware of the risk and acknowledged that if this ticket turns into a $10,000 win, it’s going to be “a dream come true.”

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