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Public Utilities Benefit as Loterie Romande Hits Record Profit in 2023

Although the Lottery encountered different challenges through the year, it was able to set a record for profits raised for good causes

Loterie Romande, the Swiss public lottery, which has been operating since 1937, released its latest report, disclosing insights about its performance throughout 2023. Last year marked a busy period for the lottery, which reported gross gaming revenue of CHF 420.7 million ($460.3 million). The revenue, compared year-over-year represented a slight decrease, considering the CHF 435.5 million ($476.4 million) figure Loterie Romande posted for 2022.

But while revenue last year marked a dip, the Lottery reported an increase in the amount of funds it raised for good causes throughout last year. Overall, the Swiss public lottery reported CHF 243.7 million ($266.6 million) raised for the support of different public utilities. In contrast, a year earlier, in 2022, the Lottery generated CHF 243.4 million ($266.2 million) which benefited public utilities.

Per Loterie Romande’s latest report, 2023 marked a challenging year for the operator. “The year 2023 was marked by major challenges, linked to the global geopolitical situation, the unfavorable economic situation, the increase in the cost of living as well as the decline in purchasing power,” explained the Lottery.

Strategic Operating Cuts and Strong Management Brings Success

However, it added that thanks to “rigorous management of its operating costs,” it was able to raise CHF 243.7 million ($266.6 million) in support of public utility. While the sum represented a year-over-year increase it also marked a new record for the Lottery. This record sum will be distributed among approximately 5,000 projects in the country’s six French-speaking cantons including Jura, Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Fribourg. Projects that will receive the precious funding will include tourism, environment, sport, culture, education and social action, among other public initiatives.

Focusing on other challenges experienced throughout 2023, Loterie Romande admitted that the absence of long jackpot cycles for EuroMillions and Swiss Loto impacted its performance.

Besides generating a record sum for public projects, the Lottery was able to successfully launch EuroDreams, a new game for its growing number of players. The strengthening and diversification of its portfolio is undoubtedly going to positively impact its future performance.

Our mission is to offer a legal, secure and responsible gaming offering, the profits of which are entirely paid to the public utility.

Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, managing director of Loterie Romande

Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, Loterie Romande’s managing director, spoke about the Lottery’s ongoing mission to deliver responsible, secure and legal gambling entertainment that generates profits that are allocated to public utilities. Finally, he highlighted the record sum which was raised by the Lottery throughout 2023.


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