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PUBG India CEO Praises Government Decision to Recognize Esports

Before the end of 2022, India made a major step forward by officially recognizing esports

The government in the country officially recognized esports as a part of “multi-sports events.” Considering the growing popularity of esports around the globe, the recent recognition marked a significant achievement for the country.

India Recognizes Esports as a Part of Multi-Sports Events

To recognize esports as a part of multi-sports events, India changed its regulations. The country’s president, Droupadi Murmu, implemented new rules designating the country’s Department of Sports as the government body in charge of overseeing esports. This is a significant step as esports tournaments and events are similarly recognized as sporting events in the country.

India’s announcement was immediately spotted by Sean Hyunil Sohn, PUBG India’s CEO and head of corporate development at Krafton. He explained in a statement that the recognition of esports in India marks a monumental moment for the gaming industry. Moreover, Sohn pointed out that by recognizing esports, the government in the country reaffirms its “commitment of making their mark in the global gaming ecosystem.”

This is pathbreaking move by the government and we are delighted to see the recognition given to esports as part of multi-sports events by the Government of India.

Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of PUBG India and head of corporate development at Krafton

According to Krafton’s head of development, the recognition of esports, will deliver new opportunities for businesses and create new workplaces. At the same time, Sohn said that this will further help captivate talent by allowing young players to practice and develop their abilities. “We look forward to seeing esports further integrated in competitive gaming and we as Krafton are confident to play our part in furthering the vision of a thriving gaming ecosystem in India,” wrote Sohn in conclusion.

Although esports continues to gain popularity in India, the country still struggles with problem gambling. Currently, chance-based gambling is forbidden in India, still, illegal gambling activities attract more customers and deliver significant harm. Besides illegal gambling activities, gambling harm is further boosted by ineffective regulations.


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