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Proposal in Connecticut Calls for Tough Gambling Ad Regulation

The new proposal seeks to protect gamblers in Connecticut by calling for for strict advertising rules

The state is one of the few that currently offers not only online gambling but retail, as well as online sports betting services. It was back in October 2021 when Connecticut launched its regulated online gambling and sports betting market. Not unexpectedly, the activity is restricted to people under the age of 21, which is a standard age restriction for most US states.

Now, a proposal introduced earlier this month is calling for the implementation of strict rules for advertising. Senate Bill 971 (SB 971) was referred to the Senate’s Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security in the state earlier this month. Then, it was up for a public hearing in mid-February.

Proposal Calls for Tough Rules on Gambling

The proposal, sponsored by Rep. Tony Scott and Sen. Herron Gaston seeks to implement restrictions on the advertising of online sports betting, online casino gambling and retail sports wagering. The bill calls to restrict the advertisement of “financial enticement to participate in such gaming or wagering.” This, in other words, means that operators may be restricted from offering bonuses, as well as other financial incentives such as free bets.

No advertisement of online casino gaming, online sports wagering or retail sports wagering may … offer or advertise for a financial enticement to participate in such gaming or wagering,

reads Senate Bill 971

Additionally, the bill proposes to implement a restriction on debit cards or credit cards used by gamblers. The proposal calls to restrict the use of debit or credit cards whenever a second person is involved. This means that the regulation proposes only the person that holds the card account be able to use it and effectively restricts dual accounts from being used for gambling.

Limit a person to the use of only one debit card or only one credit card for an account and only permit the use of such a card when such person is the sole account holder of such card,

explains Senate Bill 971

The proposal quickly got the attention of stakeholders in Connecticut. A report released by Yahoo last week reveals that DraftKings’ government affairs manager, David Prestwood, voiced his concerns against the proposal. Referring to the part of the bill involving the use of credit or debit cards by a single owner, he explained that there is no other US jurisdiction that features such regulation. Moreover, Prestwood also stressed that compliance with such a requirement is simply impossible.

Ultimately, the bill seeks to help protect customers in Connecticut. The part of the legislation involving the use of credit cards seeks to ensure that gamblers are responsible for their losses and do not involve members of their families. Still, whether or not SB 971 will gain further traction it remains to be determined.


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    February 25, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    I applaud Rep. Tony Scott and Sen. Herron Gasto for their progressive and proactive proposal to protect those who suffer as a direct consequence of a problem gambler in their life. I would like to see such protections (I.e. use of debit and credit cards) extended to the gaming industry (video, apps, & online) as well.

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