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Prophet Offered the Best Prices During NFL Week One

Prophet Exchange, a peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, has demonstrated the boons of the peer-to-peer exchange model. According to statistics, Prophet’s customers got the best prices on every single football team during the inaugural week of the NFL season.

Prophet Players Earned More

Prophet Exchange made headlines by offering better prices than all of its competitors. According to statistics, the peer-to-peer exchange’s users earned 10% more than players who picked other companies. For example, a punter who wagered $100 on each underdog during the first week of the National Football League, would have earned $157.46 more than if he had played with a traditional sportsbook.

Prophet Exchange’s chief executive and co-founder, Dean Sisun, elaborated:

If a bettor bet $100 on every underdog for week one of the NFL on the Moneyline, they would have won $207 on a sportsbook—but with Prophet Exchange they would have won $318. We offer competitive pricing and transparency that traditional operators simply can’t match.

Dean Sisun, CEO, Prophet Exchange

Sisun noted that Prophet Exchange’s peer-to-peer model is enjoying great success in New Jersey, which will help the platform grow. Sisun and his team hope to turn Prophet into a leading betting exchange in the US.  

The Innovative Platform Is Making Headlines

Prophet Exchange launched in New Jersey a few months ago and is the first betting exchange to be officially licensed in the United States. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, Prophet allows users to play against one another with one serving as the bookmaker. Users can, therefore, freely set prices and place bets on prices set by their peers. In addition, Prophet Exchange doesn’t add margin or vig to its odds and sets no limits to the bet. The only thing that matters is for a customer to have a counterparty to match their bet.

The betting exchange is available on Android, iOS and web in New Jersey and offers sports betting markets on some of the most popular leagues in the US. This includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball.

Jake Benzaquen, Prophet Exchange’s co-founder and chief operating officer, emphasized that his platform offers the best moneyline prices, which has already been proven by the betting results of the first NFL week. He also noted that newcomers can enjoy great bonuses, such as a 50% deposit match and a bonus of up to $250.

One of Prophet Exchange’s main promoters is Victor Cruz, a former NFL wide receiver. He placed the very first bet on the exchange, following it up with several other winning bets.


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