April 9, 2021 3 min read


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PrizePicks to Offer More Golf Games, Cricket, and Disc Golf

PrizePicks, a DFS operator in North America, has announced it will boost its golf offering and expand into disc golf, and cricket.

PrizePicks Members Will Enjoy “Longest Drive” Predictions

PrizePicks, an independently owned DFS operator, has announced new golf offerings and expansion into disc golf and cricket. The company aims to cement its position as a DFS operator offering a range of sports coverage in North America.

The company considered going into cricket in 2020. And the idea became even more popular at the beginning of 2021 when the owners of the Caribbean Premier League‘s Barbados Tridents participated in PrizePicks’ strategic fundraiser in January.

The club is now the only DFS betting operator, offering “longest drive” predictions to other golf games like predicting in which place a player will finish or how many birdies the golfer will have. The move gives diverse golf options of PrizePicks offers.

Last month PrizePicks teamed up with Prizeout to boost the value of its consumer winnings generated through bets, allowing consumers to turn their winnings into digital currencies.

PrizePicks CEO Adam Wexler said: “Our golf members have an insatiable appetite for every aspect of the game and want to spread their plays on PrizePicks as broadly as possible, especially heading into the first major of the year.”

PrizePicks has always referred to its customers as “Members”. The company’s goal is to create best-in-class customer support, which it calls “Member Relations.” PrizePicks prioritizes quality over quantity. Wexler also stated that sports like cricket and disc golf are perfect for the PrizePicks portfolio because they have passionate and educated fan bases.

Cricket and Disc Golf Will Boost PrizePicks’ Success

The Tridents team helped the club into the 2019 CPL championship Champions in the first season of ownership. The team hopes to build a sports base in the US, and PrizePicks will offer the Indian Premier League (IPL) at first, but it will keep an open mind to add other leagues.

Trident co-owner Arvind Gopwani said that the company is happy to bring its expertise in cricket to PrizePicks. Cricket has over 30 million people, fan base in the US, and it’s the second most-watched sport internationally. He said that he hopes cricket will help boost PrizePicks’ unprecedented success over the past 8 months. Trident is proud to be the company’s first DFS/Cricket partnership in the US.

In March 2021, PrizePicks announced that it has entered Alabama. After this move, the DFS operator now operates in 31 US jurisdictions. In the same month, the company took another major step as a leading daily fantasy operator, expanding its portfolio of esports titles, adding CoD, Rocket League, and Valorant.

Disc golf is an ideal sport for PrizePicks because it is popular and star-driven in America. Like golf, disc golf members can make birdies, predictions, strokes, and finishing places. Disc golf is considered one of the fastest-growing sports in America since the beginning of the pandemic. The sport is led by players like Paul McBeth and Brodie Smith.


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