June 22, 2022 2 min read


Pride at Entain Initiative to Empower LGBTQIA+ Employees

Entain continues to be an innovator in the gambling space but also a custodian of the industry’s core values for inclusivity and diversity. As such, the company is deepening its commitment to Pride Month, with the Pride@Entain initiative that is dedicated to building an even more inclusive environment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Empowering Entain’s LGBTQIA Community

As per the LinkedIn post published on the company’s page, Entain is in the process of building a community where all of the company’s LGBTQIA+ members can connect and get in touch. To help better communicate the message, Entain has called on Andy Hicks, the company’s network ambassador, who explains its commitment to supporting people for exactly who they are – always.

In a brief one-minute video, Hicks talks about Entain’s mission, which is to do what’s right, one of its core values. The company’s mission is to ensure that everyone is empowered no matter who they are or where they are based.

This year’s for Pride, #LetYourPrideShow, is particularly important to the company, Hicks explains. Hicks goes on to explain how the company focus on cultivating an authentic, open, and honest workforce while being one’s true own personality no matter what the challenges of the day are.

Bringing Your True Self to Work

Hicks believes that Entain creates the right environment for people to be themselves without fear or second thoughts. As an ambassador for Entain, Hicks is confident that this second global network for LGBTQIA+ colleagues will have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and empower one another wherever in the world they are.

As always, Hicks urges people to be their own selves and not fear expressing that in full. This comes at an important point for Entain, as the company is bringing more executive talent to shore up its sprawling operations. Earlier this week, Entain appointed Melanie Tansey as its new chief of people.


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