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Pretlow Proposes New Mobile Sports Betting Bill in NY

NY Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is going to give mobile sports betting in the state of New York another try. What are his actual chances of success this time?

Mobile Sports Betting in NY State

New York has been trying to legalize much of its gaming and sports betting industry, to speak nothing of poker. Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is again in the spotlight with a new bill attempting to bring mobile sports betting up to speed.

Enter A06113, Mr. Pretlow’s latest attempt to push for a broader endorsement of the gaming & wagering industries in the state.

A06113 will seek to introduce tweaks to the existing legislation governing racing, pari-mutuel wagering and breeding laws in order to push for a legalized sports betting industry.

Some observers, including Legal Sports Report analyst Chris Grove, have been somewhat skeptical of Mr. Pretlow’s motivation:

NY Mobile Sports Betting Bill at a Glance

The latest draft is not much different from what we have seen from other bills in recent years, with the specific provisions laying a familiar groundwork for a future legalization:

  • The legal gambling age would be 21 or older
  • Operators would be taxed at 8.5% of their gross betting revenue
  • Tax money will be allocated to problem gambling education/treatment
  • A nominal royal fee of 0.2% will have to be paid
  • Licenses fees unknown at the time

The most significant suggestion Mr. Pretlow include in the bill was the availability of mobile betting options. As per the bill, customers will be able to bet both from their phones and in-person at a licensed venue. Electronic payment methods will be available as well.

However, if a person chooses to use their mobile device to place a wager, they would still have to be physically present at a designated spots betting lounge.

Some operators, including Madison Square Garden Company have already obtained trademark rights to ensure that they would be potentially able to offer betting at specific locations, including sporting stadiums and arenas, should NY decide to clear a sports betting bill and legalize the industry.

New York’s Sports Regulation Since 2013

Sports betting in New York has been active in theory since 2013. However, no substantial move has been made to actually introduce the industry in full. In January, 2019, legal circles rumbled with the possibility of introducing a unifying sports betting bill that would establish a regulated market in NY, but that has since died out.

Mr. Pretlow has been in the center of a lot of the legal efforts to see NY become a regulated market. He’s also pushing an online poker bill, hoping to see NY start offering online poker options to US players.

Yet, most of his efforts have been met with unsuccess. As Mr. Grove, Mr. Pretlow might be playing the media more he is lawmakers.

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