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Prague Gaming TECH Summit 2023 to Host Leading Global Experts

Hipther Agency has announced the networking sessions for the Prague Gaming TECH Summit in 2023

Hipther Agency’s summit which has already recorded seven successful editions in the past years promises to once again introduce a series of mesmerizing networking sessions to attendees in 2023. 

The Prague Gaming TECH Summit to Take Place in March

The event that will be organized on March 29 and March 30 at the Vienna House Andel’s Prague will consist of “unique interactions” with premier experts from companies with a universally recognized reputation. 

The upcoming summit will feature forward-thinking talks, introduce additional quality compliance reports, and share the freshest market information from countries like Czechia, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Sweden, and Finland, to name a few. 

Representatives of fields like eSports, iGaming, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual, and Augmented, or Mixed Reality, and Fintech will all be present.

The event will receive support from reputable sponsors like NSoft, Cloudflare, Nordic Gambling, Vit2Go, Tom Horn Gaming, and GR8 TECH. 

So far, 75% of all available seats at the two-day event organized by the Hipthers team have been successfully booked. 

Double the Sessions, Enhanced Networking Opportunities

According to Hipther Agency’s co-founder and head of business Zoltán Tűndik, the Hipthers team has been busy constantly paying attention to the feedback received from participants while learning and implementing more changes to improve their networking sessions from one year to another. 

Tűndik explained that since this year’s event will allow them to double the number of networking sessions, they are looking forward to spicing things up. For starters, attendees will be given the chance to enter the metaverse using virtual reality goggles and explore the future.

Secondly, the agency that is the parent of a number of important brands including WireUp Zone, European Gaming, Gaming Americas, PICANTE, the WireUp networking and news apps, and eSports Connect, has decided to add a number of fresh networking sessions to this year’s event. The list includes brand new sessions called Welcome Drinks, Networking Run, and Networking Breakfast. 

On March 28, one day prior to the official starting date of the summit, attendees are invited to join the Welcome Drinks on Day 0 networking session. There, they will get the chance to familiarize themselves with the rest of the attendees and catch up with friends from the industry while enjoying complimentary drinks offered by the sponsor of the session. The session will take place at the official hotel’s Bar starting at 6:00 pm.

The Day-Time Networking sessions will be held on March 29 and March 30 and they will allow participants to further engage with industry experts and peers while enjoying the relaxed boutique-style activity along with the networking breaks and complimentary lunch breaks. 

The Morning Networking Run and Networking Breakfast will be held on March 30, the second day of the summit. Attendees will be encouraged to wear their running gear and get ready for a 5 to 7 km (3-4-mile) run on a beautiful route in Prague. The run will be followed by the networking breakfast session and it will precede the Evening Networking sessions that will be held during the night. 

On both the first and the second day of the summit, participants will be given the chance to relax in the evening while attending a series of social gatherings. There, they will be encouraged to engage in more friendly conversations while enjoying dinner and drinks. 

The exact locations that will be hosting the two social gatherings will only be disclosed to registered attendees in order to guarantee everyone will receive VIP treatment.

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