Porn Star Cherie DeVille to Teach Men about Crypto in New Adult Scene

Cherie DeVille is an adult actress, social media influencer, and an Onlyfans model. Known as “the internet’s stepmom,” she has been a part of the adult entertainment industry for ten years. Besides entertaining men, DeVille is now determined to educate men on how to invest responsibly and avoid crypto, NFTs, and other fads. She is releasing a steamy adult scene in which she will persuade a man who made a series of bad investment moves in crypto to stick to traditional financial mechanisms instead.

Men Do too Much Speculative Crypto Investment, DeVille Says

In a new opinion published on the Daily Beast, DeVille talks about how men are all in for various cryptocurrencies and NFTs. According to her, since March 2020, many men have started investing heavily into NFTs, shady tech EFTs, meme stocks, and cryptocurrencies. While this sounds like the new hype, especially for men, DeVille doesn’t agree with that trend. In fact, according to her, people who invest in “speculative manias lose their shirts.” Pointing out researchers in Taiwan and even a report from the Securities and Exchange Commission, DeVille says that currently, most professional traders and day traders lose money.

Sex. I’m educating through porn because it will get males’ attention,

wrote Cherie DeVille

The adult actress reveals that her male friends hope “to make a killing” and claim they have made the best investment. What is more, some men even urged her to invest similarly. But men are gaining the knowledge about the next lucrative investment, according to DeVille, from YouTube videos, Reddit discussions, and even social media influencers. Often those new sketchy cryptocurrencies get “pumped and dumped,” according to the pornstar. This in other words means that people who have made that investment end up losing their money.

New Adult Film to Teach Men How to Invest

Well, DeVille isn’t one of those women that consider cryptocurrencies or EFTs something that only men should know about. After completing her research, she claims that the average day trader “should put their investment funds in a Roth IRA or IRA invested in diversified index funds and ETFs.” Additionally, DeVille says that no one should invest their entire savings or retirement in a “new cryptocurrency promoted by an Instagram model or obnoxious tech CEO.”

According to her, it’s time to make a change and that change will come with the help of a new adult scene. The new scene is called “Suze Whoreman” and will be released on Tax Day, April 19, 2022. The porno tells the story of a man that continuously wastes money on NFTs.

Men are basically p*ssy-blind to cryptocurrencies. So, I decided to teach them a lesson or two with my actual p*ssy,

explains DeVille

His girlfriend takes him to a “lesbian finance icon Suze Orman.” However, as it turns out, the couple actually visits “Suze Whoreman”, played by DeVille. According to the adult star, she then dominates “the male until he starts investing in index funds and ETFs instead of ape-branded crypto junk.”

If financial advisers can’t wake them up, I’ll use my t*ts and a*s to do the work for them because porn is the a*s-set (pun intended) that I’ve got,

says DeVille

DeVille points out that the topic of the new adult movie does sound “problematic” but it will certainly get the attention of men. As a porn star, she reveals that she knows a thing or two about men, and the goal of the new adult film is to wake them up. Deville claims that if financial advisers cannot talk sense into some men, well, “t*ts and a*s” can ultimately do the work.

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