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Police Chase after Casino Shooting Suspects; Arrest Three

Two wounded victims were rushed to a hospital and treated at the hospital’s emergency room

Three people, believed to be the culprits behind an attack in Little Creek Casino have been apprehended by the police following a two-county chase. The police believe that the suspects are responsible for the shooting of two victims at the Washington State property’s parking lot.

Located in Shelton, Little Creek Casino became the location of an armed attack in which two people sustained wounds. After firing the shots, the suspects fled the tribal property in a vehicle.

Local authorities received news of the attack and promptly identified the suspects’ vehicle. Officers from the Squaxin Tribal Police Department opened a chase and were eventually joined by deputies from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

The joint efforts of the local authorities allowed them to intercept the suspects’ vehicle and arrest them. Mason County Sheriff’s Office shared news of the chase on Facebook, saying:

Squaxin Tribal Police officers identified the suspect’s vehicle, initiating a pursuit that extended into Thurston County. Thanks to the coordination between agencies, Thurston County Sheriff Deputies successfully intercepted the suspect vehicle, resulting in the apprehension of three suspects.

Mason County Sheriff’s Office statement

More details about the chase and the arrests are yet to be revealed. In the meantime, authorities continue to investigate the place of the shooting and the location where the suspect vehicle was intercepted.

Two People Were Wounded in the Attack

The original call informed authorities of the attack, reporting a wounded victim. When authorities arrived at the Little Creek Casino parking garage, they learned that there were actually two victims. The wounded people were rushed to a hospital and treated at the hospital’s emergency room.

Local authorities are yet to reveal the identities of the suspects and the victims. They also refrained from commenting on the matter of charges that could be filed against the suspects and did not disclose whether the latter had been wounded during the incident.

As of the time of this writing, the suspects’ reason for shooting the two victims remains unknown.

Under Mason County Sheriff’s Office’s official post, Sheriff Sanders commended everyone who participated in the operation and wished a speedy recovery to the two victims.

For reference, Little Creek Casino is a tribal property operated by the Squaxin Island Tribe.

Speaking of casino crime, the suspect in a stabbing incident at the Great Falls casino in Montana is now facing legal action.

Elsewhere, a couple in Boulder City was arrested for the mistreatment of dozens of animals.


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