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Police Busted Illegal Las Vegas Brothel

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) busted an illegal brothel that was frequented by hundreds of men, Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. The county has a strict ban on prostitution, despite Nevada’s generally favorable stance on licensed brothels.

The Brothel Offered Services to Hundreds of Men

The illegal establishment was close to the Las Vegas Strip, a place frequented by gambling tourists. It was located in a bungalow close to where Decatur Boulevard intersects Flamingo Road. The LVMPD learned about the brothel from an anonymous report.  

Officers went to the bungalow and talked with one of the visitors who was just leaving. The man immediately admitted why he was there, saying he had paid $200 for intercourse with an Asian woman. When asked how he learned about the establishment, the man replied that there was an ad on Craigslist.

According to the police, hundreds of men would frequent the establishment and pay for an intercourse with the women. According to the LVMPD, about 200 men visited the venue between July 7 and 21. Few of them would stay for more than an hour.

The LV Review-Journal also reported that one of the officers tried to contact the establishment via phone and was offered to use the services for $300 an hour.

The Police Searched the Bungalow

In August, the police went to search the illegal brothel. They found an unspecified amount of cash, alongside various brothel-related items such as condoms and erotic underwear. Most importantly, the police apprehended the alleged ringleaders. The police believe the brothel was operated by Heng Van Ho and Yuxiang Tian. The two were taken into custody on August 17.

Tian claimed that he never knew about the sex services the bungalow offered. According to him, he only bought everyday supplies for the house. However, Tian is under suspicion to have committed prior offenses, which is why he remains under arrest. He is held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center.

Meanwhile, Ho is also no small-time offender, according to the police. The LVMPD reported that she has exploited young women for over half a decade now. Ho was eventually released from custody and will appear before the court next month. Her trial is scheduled to begin on September 7.

Las Vegas is a famous gambling tourism destination which, sadly, tends to attract a lot of criminal activity. While the majority of cases involve casino cheaters, there are also problems with illegal prostitution and human trafficking.


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